Dallas Mavericks: Roger Staubach

Most Beloved: Cinderella story for Dirk Nowitzki?

March, 22, 2012
Could one championship lead to another for the Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki?

With your votes, the NBA Finals MVP is marching through our Metroplex Most Beloved bracket. In the first round, sixth-seeded Dirk crushed "Mr. Cowboy" Bob Lilly, a 10 seed, by an 82 percent-to-18 percent margin.

The momentum carried into the semifinals, where Nowitzki stunned legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry -- the No. 4 seed -- by a mere 119 total votes out of almost 11,000 votes cast.

And now he finds himself in our Final Four against yet another Cowboys icon -- top-seeded Roger Staubach. Polls remain open until Thursday at midnight, when we'll reveal our championship matchup.

The other semifinal boast two-thirds of the Cowboys' famed "Triplets" -- with quarterback Troy Aikman, the third seed, squaring off against running back Emmitt Smith, the No. 2 seed.

Choose wisely by voting here through Thursday. And join the discussion afterward.

Most Beloved: Vote for Enamored Eight

March, 17, 2012
Who advanced and who didn't?

Sometimes, love hurts. And while some of your favorites -- Pudge Rodriguez, Michael Young, Mark Cuban, Jimmy Johnson, Ron Washington, Bob Lilly, Jason Witten and Josh Hamilton -- didn't make the cut, take a look at who's left!

Your voting determined our Enamored Eight, and now you have until Sunday to vote and decide who advances to the Fantastic Four of our Metroplex Most Beloved sports figure bracket.

It's much harder this time around. The matchups:

* No. 1 seed Roger Staubach vs. No. 9 Michael Irvin
* No. 4 Tom Landry vs. No. 5 Dirk Nowitzki
* No. 2 Emmitt Smith vs. No. 7 Mike Modano
* No. 3 Troy Aikman vs. No. 6 Nolan Ryan.

Choose wisely by voting here through Sunday. And join the discussion afterward.

Bracket Madness: Pick DFW's most beloved athlete

March, 12, 2012
Who do you love? Where do your allegiances lie? We're giving you the ultimate forum to prove it.

Welcome to Bracket Madness, where we'll let you decide the Metroplex's most beloved sports personality -- past or present.

The Cowboys are well represented -- with top-seed Roger Staubach, No. 2 Emmitt Smith, No. 3 Troy Aikman, No. 4 Tom Landry, No. 9 Michael Irvin, No. 12 Bob Lilly, No. 13 Jimmy Johnson and No. 16 Jason Witten -- but can they navigate their way through our Sweet 16 to the finals?

Vote here, and join the conversation to defend your picks here.

Dirk takes backseat to Staubach, Sabonis

June, 8, 2011

DALLAS -- Compared to Roger Staubach, Dirk Nowitzki comes up short. Arvydas Sabonis? Nowitzki doesn't quite measure up.

You think it's tough to be LeBron James these days, Nowitzki couldn't catch a break Wednesday afternoon. Well, maybe LeBron is feeling a little more heat being Miami's second (third?) banana.

Nowitzki, on the other hand, is basking in an unprecedented level of appreciation for not shrinking in Game 4 despite a triple-digit fever and his overall play leading the Dallas Mavericks back to the NBA Finals. But when compared against a pair of all-time greats, Nowitzki's point guard and general manager gave the Uberman the shaft.

Jason Kidd was asked if Nowitzki, the Mavs' unquestioned closer, was forging a reputation akin to Staubach, the Dallas Cowboys' two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback.

"Roger was one of a kind," Kidd said of Captain Comeback. "It's hard to compare Dirk and Roger, but hopefully at the end of his career he'll be able to be in the same sentence as Roger."

In a discussion of the best Europeans to ever play the game, Donnie Nelson sided with Sabonis. The Mavs GM does have close ties to the Lithuanian Hall-of-Fame center -- Nelson was an assistant on Lithuania's national team -- but Nowitzki wouldn't be in Dallas if it wasn't for the "Little Whistle."

Still ...

"If it's Dirk and Sabas -- Dirk in his prime and Sabas before his injury -- if I'm a general manager and I'm taking the first pick in the country, I'm sticking with the big guy, Sabas," Nelson said.


Don't forget the flu-game comparisons from Tuesday night with Michael Jordan. Yeah, Dirk loses that one, too.



Monta Ellis
19.1 4.2 1.9 33.7
ReboundsT. Chandler 11.4
AssistsR. Rondo 6.3
StealsM. Ellis 1.9
BlocksT. Chandler 1.2