Dallas Mavericks: Shan Foster

Foster hoping for invite to training camp

July, 18, 2010
LAS VEGAS -- Shan Foster remains optimistic that his NBA dream will soon come true. After being drafted by the Dallas Mavericks late in the second round of the 2008 draft, Foster has played in Italy and Turkey.

The 6-foot-6 shooting guard, a long-distance sniper at Vanderbilt, is about to finish up his second summer with the Mavs in Las Vegas with the hope the club will want him back in Dallas when training camp starts in October. The Mavs are undecided. The club retains his rights until he comes to a training camp and the Mavs either release him or rescind his rights outright.

"I think I've improved a lot such as ballhandling, improved my shooting, being able to score off the dribble, seeing the floor, especially defensively as well," Foster said. "I really don't know what the future holds. I know I want to be playing in the NBA and I've worked hard to get there, and hopefully I'll be going to training camp to fight for a spot."

Foster has averaged just 15.3 minutes in the first four games and he hasn't shot well, just 42.9 percent from the field and 25.0 percent from beyond the arc. He's averaged 4.8 points and 1.0 rebounds. He hasn't scored more than six points in a game this summer, but he hasn't taken more than four shots in any game.

In Turkey last season, Foster averaged 9.1 points and shot 39 percent from 3-point range, but his season was cut short due to an ankle injury.

It is hard to figure where Foster would fit with the Mavs. Dallas is well-stocked at shooting guard. Caron Butler started there after last season's trade and Roddy Beaubois is expected to see a significant jump in playing time. Of course, there's Jason Terry and first-round draft pick Dominique Jones.

Foster said he wouldn't be particularly interested in playing for the Texas Legends, the Mavs' new affiliate in the D-League that will play this fall in Frisco unless there's some assurance that he's on track to make the big squad. The gap in salary from the European leagues is just too great. As of now, Foster does not have a deal to play overseas.

"If that's where my career leads me this year, then I'm sure opportunities will open up," Foster said. "But, right now I'm just focused on playing well in this last game and landing in training camp somewhere."

The Mavs wrap the five-game summer schedule at 7 tonight against Sacramento.

Beauty of Mavs drafts in eye of beholder

May, 29, 2010
OK, with the risk of NBA fines for tampering at an all-time high, let's step away from the LeBron James hysteria and take a look at the NBA's next big event: the draft.

The Dallas Mavericks aren't exactly big players this year (again) thanks to the New Jersey Nets possessing their 27th pick thanks to the 2008 trade for Jason Kidd.

That's not to say the Mavs can't make a move, sprinkle a few million on a team with a pick in the 20-somethings and get in there if they feel there's a player to be had that could provide immediate help. Five teams hold multiple picks in the first round. They are: Minnesota (4, 16 and 23), Oklahoma City (21, 26), Memphis (12, 28), Washington (1, 30) and, of course, New Jersey (3, 27).

If the Mavs stand still, it will be a long night on June 24 before they finally make a selection with the 50th overall pick. That wouldn't seem to net a player with immediate help potential. A look at past Mavs drafts will tell you that.

Take a look at the Mavs' draft over the past 20 years and count up the number of players who actually made even limited contributions to the club. You might then want to get that LeBron chatter going again:

Rnd Name College/HS/Country
1 B.J. Mullens, Ohio State (traded to OKC for Rodrigue Beaubois)
2 Ahmad Nivins, St. Joseph's

2 Shan Foster, Vanderbilt

2 Nick Fazekas, Nevada
2 Renaidas Seibutis, Lithuania
2 Milovan Rakovic, Serbia

1 Maurice Ager, Michigan State
2 J.R. Pinnock, George Washington

No selections

1 Devin Harris (picked by Washington, traded to Dallas)
1 Pavel Podkolzin (picked by Utah, traded to Dallas)
2 Vassilis Spanoulis, Greece

1 Josh Howard, Wake Forest
2 Xue Yuyang, China

2 Mladen Sekularac, Yugoslavia

2 Kyle Hill, Eastern Illinois
2 Kenny Satterfield, Cincinnati

1 Etan Thomas, Syracuse
1 Courtney Alexander, Fresno State
1 Donnell Harvey, Florida
2 Eduardo Najera, Oklahoma

1 Leon Smith, Martin Luther King (IL) HS
2 Wang ZhiZhi, China
2 Gordan Giricek, Croatia

1 Robert Traylor, Michigan (Traded to Milwaukee for Dirk Nowitzki)
2 Ansu Sesay, Mississippi
2 Bruno Sundov, Croatia
2 Greg Buckner, Clemson

1 Kelvin Cato, Iowa State
2 Bubba Wells, Austin Peay

1 Samaki Walker, Louisville
2 Shawn Harvey, West Virginia State
2 Darnell Robinson, Arkansas

1 Cherokee Parks, Duke
1 Loren Meyer, Iowa State

1 Jason Kidd, California
1 Tony Dumas, Missouri-Kansas City
2 Deon Thomas, Illinois

1 Jamal Mashburn, Kentucky
2 Lucious Harris, Long Beach State
2 Eric Riley, Michigan

1 Jimmy Jackson, Ohio State
2 Sean Rooks, Arizona

1 Doug Smith, Missouri
2 Donald Hodge, Temple
2 Mike Iuzzolino, St. Francis (PA)

2 Phil Henderson Duke



Dirk Nowitzki
21.7 2.7 0.9 32.9
ReboundsD. Nowitzki 6.2
AssistsM. Ellis 5.7
StealsM. Ellis 1.7
BlocksB. Wright 0.9