FC Dallas news recap (10/20)

Brek Shea hasn't been able to get his spot back in the first eleven.

Dax McCarty will be on the JMS Podcast today (Wednesday).

Steve Hunt with Five Questions for FC Dallas Heading into the Playoffs. Nice work there Steve.

Steve Davis is now on board the Davie Ferreira for MVP bandwagon. Seats are going fast.

Jeff Carlisle talks MVP candidates and has Ferreira in there. He also has some quotes from Hyndman on Hartman.

"[Hartman] is day-to-day," said FCD manager Schellas Hyndman. "He looks to be about 80-85 percent. We're very encouraged, and we're hoping he'll play this weekend, but if not this weekend, then he'll play the next weekend."

The FCD notebook has some great stuff in it. Pearce will miss the LA game due to Yellow Cards, Loyd or Jackson could fill in. Both Daniel Hernandez and Ugo Ihemlu came out of the RSL with tight hamstrings, ok that's not good. And lastly, Hyndman is interested in Juan Pablo Ángel.

“Why would you not have interest in one of the best scorers in the league? Every time he’s played us, he’s found a way to beat us, so why not join us? He would be I think an outstanding addition for us.” - Hyndman

Hartman could be back against LA Galaxy. No offense to Dario Sala, who is a good keeper and going into this year was the clear #1 here. For some reason with this team in this season it's clear Hartman should be in there. 0.62 GAA vs 1.47 GAA tell you all you need to know right now. I thought FCD made a big mistake picking up Hartman, boy was I wrong.

Goal.com on Colombians in MLS, including David Ferreira and Jair Benitez.

Dario Sala held a soccer clinic on Tuesday in Frankling Township. Where is that you ask? Why, it's outside Indianapolis. Yes, in Indiana.

Steve Davis talks potential FCD playoff opponents.

Speaking of playoffs, Brian Straus says the playoff system rewards the lower seeds.

Ridge Mahoney said almost the exact same thing.

Jeremiah Oshan lists FCD 4th in his contenders rankings, and cites them missing Kevin Hartman as the reason why FCD is not going anywhere. I think Jeremiah needs to read the Harmtan article higher up on this page.

The Haitian Amputee Soccer Team lost their first game down in Argentina, but check out the pic in the linked article of them in uniform. First, fantastic of FCD to outfit them in gear. Second, anyone recognize that exact uniform? Is that a FCD youth kit of some kind, or is that next year's FCD jersey? Interesting.

After watching the game tape, Hyndman says the RSL game wasn't as bad as he first thought.

“I think guys were getting out of structure. If you look at the tactics for Real Salt Lake, everything was going to their left. Our right fullback was getting stuck up and wasn’t recovering quickly enough. Their goals came from balls that were coming from out to in. I think the communication [between the goalkeeper and the defenders] and the positioning [were to blame].” - Hyndman

FCD's official Monday training report.

Ruben Luna popping up in the Mexican's Abroad section on goal.com.

MLS attendance figures, FCD finished 3rd from last ahead of only Kansas City (stadium limit) and San Jose.

A player I really, really like from the FCD youth program, Bradlee Baladez, has popped up at South Carolina (#13 in SA's rankings) with five goals already this season as a midfielder. Baladez caught my eye two years ago when he played against FCD's reserves. I've been trying to track him since. I think he's got the kind of game that will mature really well and he could become a great MLS level pro. In a non-Ruben Luna year he might have been FCD's local signing.

Kyle McCarty says FCD's injured players were off the pace against RSL.

FCD players are doing a fashion show at Saks with Modern Luxury. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

The Seattle Times has some game notes, the FCD vs LA match is at the bottom.

Power Rankings

MLS (FCD 3rd), Goal.com (FCD 2nd), The Examiner (FCD 3rd), SB Nation (FCD 3rd)

Non-FCD Stories of Interest

Former Cuban soccer player and defector Yeniel Bernudez is in Alaska looking for a team.

RSL is advancing in CONCACAF Champions League play, which is good for FCD as it may tire out their most likely playoff opponent.

FCD's opponent this weekend is going for the Supporters Shield. There's a nice break down of the Gals in that article.

FCD fans will enjoy this breakdown of the Houston Dynamo collapse.

Here's a fascinating Paul Gardner commentary on why the British papers picked the USA as their fake country in the votes bribery story. Paul sees the game in ways many people don't, he's almost always worth reading.

Steve Davis discuses the Jason Kreis syndrome, a.k.a. great MLS strikers who don't score for the US of A.

The Dallas Stars had to get an $8 million bailout from MLS. Is the 4th major sport slot up for grabs in Dallas?