Frisco ISD approves rule change to accommodate the FCD Academy

The Frisco ISD last night voted to change their district policy to allow out of town students to attend school in Frisco. This policy has been adapted to allow players in the FC Dallas Academy to attend school in Frisco. This is the next step on the road to FCD having a full time residency academy.

According to various reports, this policy change is only for students in programs like the FCD academy and has to be approved on a case by case basis. Frsico ISD officials emphasized this changes wasn't made just for the FCD program alone.

Some players are already taking advantage of the policy to move to Frisco and live with teammates instead of facing long commutes. There's a video here of one player making a 3 and a half hour drive each way every day from north of Oklahoma City.

FCD deserves some credit on this one I think for making education a priority in their program. Only one or two players a year at most will go pro from this program. The vast majority of the players the FCD academy produces will need to be college eligible for both their soccer future and off the field future.