FC Dallas news recap, MLS Cup version

Milton Rodriguez may be fit. That's surprising, Milton thought he was done for the year.

Daniel Hernandez is playing in his 4th MLS Cup. Dang, impressive. He's 0-3. Ouch.

FCD is close to landing a "Major" jersey sponsor.

FCD will be wearing blue and white uniforms for the Cup. That's ok, FCD is one of the best road teams in MLS.

FCD has a MLS Cup blog.

Jamie Trecker looks at some story lines and thinks TFC may be kicking themselves over some players in this game.

Bob Nadaio at the Bleacher Report says Colombia is MLS' most valuable country this year.

An unlikely pair in the Cup, on the Modesto Bee.

David Ferreira on being named Best XI.

The Rapids have a plan to handle Ferreira.

Michael Ambrose of FCD Academy is in the 36 man camp for the final US U18 team prepping for the trip to Tel Aviv in December.

A new champ will be crowned in MLS Cup. 680 News.

Steve Davis' Best XI is here, he has Hartman in net and Ferreira in midfield. Pearce in the 2nd team.

Marvin Chavez is the "little mosquito" apparently.

Galaxy Choke job by Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America.

The reserve league is returning to MLS. Dang, I need to find someone to cover reserve games. The league also lifted the restrictions on home grown player, MLS teams can now sign as many as they want. Rosters will expand to 30 for 2011, the additional four spots won't count on the cap, which means they are reserve or youth spots.

Simon Borg on Drew Moor's journey back to Dallas. Class player who's heart is still with this club.

Moor confessed that in each of the matches he’s played against FC Dallas since then, he has always vowed to refrain from celebrating a goal. He says that Sunday will not be any different should he find the back of the net.

It's anyone's game for MLS Cup, Toronto Sun.

Are FCD and the Texas Rangers Deja vu all over again?

MLS tactics looks at how the rapids exploit weaknesses.

Coach Smith says Colorado are the underdogs.

Old school versus new school? Soccernation.com thinks game day attire matters.

The soccer daily talks MLS Cup.

Kevin McCauley is upset about the FCD ticket/travel package the team offered.

SMI's best XI has Heath Pearce and David Ferreira in it. Hartman is 2nd team. Hernandez 3rd.

Steve Davis says locker room leadership matters. And on SI he gives SH some love for emphasis on team.

FCD photos from LA.

Behind the scenes video with Daniel Hernandez.

KC Wizards is now Sporting KC. I like both name and logo. Good re-brand there.

New York looks like it will be MLS' 20th team.