MLS adds more players to Combine, makes SuperDraft change

MLS has added a couple players late to the MLS combine. First MLS signed Michael Tetteh to Generation adidas. He's a midfielder out of UCSB.

Then MLS added three more players to the Combine: forwards Matt Eliason (Northwestern University), Joao Plata (Liga de Quito) and Steven Beattie (Northern Kentucky University).

The latest draft news is that MLS SuperDraft has officially been shortened to three rounds of 18 picks for a total of 54 player selections. Then on Tuesday, January 18, MLS will hold a Supplemental Draft that will also consist of three rounds of 18 picks.

Any picks in what would have been the fourth round of the SuperDraft are now in the first round of the Supplemental Draft.

FC Dallas, by the way, picks at No. 17 (round 1), No. 35 (round 2) and 53rd (round 3).