Chivas USA still holds Maykel Galindo rights

According to FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman, one hold up in the Maykel Galindo signing is the fact Chivas USA still holds his MLS rights.

"Maykel Galindo, we’re trying to make an offer for Maykel. He’s still with Chivas and we hope that something will happen shortly. We feel like he’s impressive enough to have him on our team. It’s a decision that he still has to make because not only is he a talented player but he adds a lot of experience, understanding the league and age wise. That will be hopefully determined shortly."

When a MLS team waives a player and he clear the waiver draft without being picked up, his rights revert to the previous team. In most cases when a team dumps a player like Maykel Galindo they are willing to trade the players rights for a not unreasonable amount. It remains to be seen if Chivas USA will pass on Galindo's rights to FC Dallas.