Real Salt Lake vs FC Dallas quote sheet

May, 23, 2011
FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

Opening thoughts…
“It was a difficult game for both teams. It seemed that the ball wasn’t really bouncing right for either team. I thought in the second half that we came out and played much better and created some problems. I thought they (Real Salt Lake) were getting tired and then the delay came and gave everyone a chance to rest and recover. We are disappointed with the tie and, as we always say to our players, there are three points there to be taken and we are always trying to get those three points. It’s been a while since we have gotten the strike force working together, but I thought the boys really did everything we did in practice this week. The early services came across on the ground and we missed a lot of those services in the first half in terms of quality.”

How did the rain delay affect you mentally and physically and what were you telling the team in the locker room during the break?
“The rain delay is tough on everyone and what we try to do is talk to them a bit individually, but we also realize that they need to find their own space and do whatever they are comfortable with. We have been through it before so that was a little bit of knowledge for us. I stayed completely away from the officials. Since we have been through it before, I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of things happening in the background knowing the league was going to ask us to finish playing the game once the weather breaks. So I stayed away and spent a good hour and a half cleaning my office (laughs) because I had the time to do it and I wanted to keep busy.”

What positives did you see offensively?
“Rimando made a great save, could be the save of the week that George (John) hit in the top corner. I think we were just a bit disconnected. We worked all week on coordinating our two strikers with our flank players and we worked all week on our early services, but we weren’t able to get on the end of them. Part of that is timing and part of it is that we don’t have the biggest guys up there.”

FC Dallas captain Daniel Hernandez

“I don’t think we can complain too much coming out of here with a point against a great team like Salt Lake. They always are a tough test for us, but I think the important thing is that defensively, we’re doing a great job. (We’ve gotten) a lot of shutouts the past couple of games and we still have a long ways to go. We still need to do a lot of work on our possession and work on our attacking a lot more and hopefully get a little more done. But, at the end of the day, you can’t be too upset with a tie against Salt Lake.”

On the two-hour weather delay…
“They were able to let us know ahead of time before we went out to get a brief warm-up here in the locker room before we went down. We went through this against L.A., so it wasn’t a big shock to us. Obviously, we would have liked to finish eight minutes of the game out before we had that long delay, but we had to do that against L.A. and it was just something we had to do. We were able to get loose and warm before we had to go back out.”

FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman

Thoughts on where the team stands now…

“The fact that we got seven out of nine points at home is certainly something we are proud of. Even though we’re on the road Wednesday, we have a great opportunity against Seattle and then we head down to Houston to face our in-state rivals on Saturday.”

Thoughts on the success of the defense recently…

The success has come from hard work and their ability on how to morph into how to be successful. They have been winning more individual battles, which is making my job easier. Everything is more predictable. The shots that come from long distances, I expect to save.”

Real Salt Lake head coach Jason Kreis

Biggest challenge after a delay like that…

“To keep the guys in it, I remember at Chicago, we thought we locked down a good result, we had eight to 10 minutes left and we came out super flat. I was pleased the guys came out and were ready and gave a decent effort for the last 10 minutes.”

Thoughts and comments on what the team did during the delay…

“Yeah, you don’t know when the game is going to start. The guys kept the mood light, having the music on and joking around. It wasn’t like they were sitting there with their head in their hands.”

The play of Nick Rimando and the defense…

“The one he dug out in the left corner was phenomenal. It’s critical, when you’re not playing your best; you need two things, a resilient effort and guys in back to make plays. We’ve been getting a lot of the lately.”

Thoughts on the overall game…

“We didn’t come here and play the way that I wanted to play, it wasn’t pleasing to my eye but I'm thrilled about the result. We have to feel proud of what we did and say this is the first point we have ever picked up in Dallas.”

Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Nick Rimando

Mindset while waiting for the delay to end…

“We knew we had to be focused because the same situation happened with L.A. and they came out and lost. We were having a good time in here just staying as loose as we could.”

View on the game…

“The chances weren’t there and the goals weren’t there, but the commitment was there.”

What the team did in the locker room during the delay…

“Listen to music, juggled the soccer ball and just chatted. We just tried to stay loose. We got a result here, something we have not done here, so we are happy.”

Thoughts on coming and playing in Dallas…

“We have always been jinxed here. To get a result it’s a step, we have good feeling going into next week.”

Real Salt Lake midfielder Kyle Beckerman

Thoughts on the delay…

“It was the first time I had to do that. It is interesting because the body wants to shut down, but I had to stay focused. Our main focus was to come get a result, we wanted to get a win, to get a result was fine as well.”

Why is it tough to play Dallas in Dallas…

“When you are playing against Dallas, the humidity is a factor. It wasn’t that hot but it was humid, we were sweating more than at home, but humidity only gets to us because they are a good team, same with the altitude when we’re at home.”

Outlook on the result…

“This was a good result. We came down here and got another shutout. Hopefully some goals will start to go in for us.”



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