FCD Reserves winning run ended by Venezuelan National Team

No team, no matter how good, is going to win every game, but at 4-0 going into this game it was starting to feel like the FCD Reserves would never not win. Of course a tie isn't the same as a loss, but the 4 game win streak to start the year ended with a 2-2- draw.

Andrew Wiedeman and Maykel Galindo had all the glory today as both registered a goal and an assist. In the 32nd minute Galindo found Andrew Wiedeman with a lofted pass in to the top of the area. Wiedeman, getting forward from right back, chested the ball down to his feet and volleyed a line-drive shot high over the right shoulder of the opposition keeper.

In the 50th minute Wiedeman again made another long run all the way to the Venezuelan end line, where he slid to save a pass from Ricardo Villar from going out for a goal kick. Wiedeman's sliding pass fell to the feet of Galindo, who also slid to redirect a bouncing shot low to the far post for a 2-1 lead.

One interest note, that made me chuckle a bit, is the continued FCD PR staff's refusal (inability?, impermissible?) to name the FCD trialists on the day. Instead in the stats we just see the name "trialist."

Also quite nice to see Jack Coleman, a FCD Academy player, starting with the reserve team.

Scoring Summary:

VEN – Nicolas Fedor (Cesar Gonzalez) 13

FCD – Andrew Wiedeman (Maykel Galindo) 32

FCD – Maykel Galindo (Andrew Wiedeman) 50

VEN – Alejandro Moreno (Roberto Rosales) 77

FC Dallas – Chris Seitz (trialist 46), Moises Hernandez, Bobby Warshaw, Jack Coleman, Andrew Wiedeman, Ricardo Villar, Bruno Guarda (trialist 46), Eric Avila (Peri Marosevic 71), Victor Ulloa, Maykel Galindo (Jonathan Top 88), Ruben Luna (Milton Rodriguez 46).

Venezuelan National Team – Dani Hernandez (Renny Vega 46), Grendi Perozo, Oswaldo Vizcarrondo, Roberto Rosales, Gabriel Cichero (Juan Fuenmayor 69), Franklin Lucena ( Jesus Meza 54), Tomas Rincon (Angelo Pena 84), Cesar Gonzalez (Francisco Flores 54), Yohandri Orozco (Luis Manuel Seijas 61), Nicolas Fedor (Gian Carlo Maldonado 61), Salomon Rondon (Alejandro Moreno 35).

Misconduct Summary:

DAL - trialist (caution; reckless foul) 66

VEN – Oswaldo Vizcarrondo (caution; reckless tackle) 68

DAL – Ricardo Villar (caution; reckless tackle) 78

Referee: Jose Luna Hernandez

Referee’s Assistants: Jonathan Johnson and Tom Harlett

Weather: Sunny, 88 degrees