Soccer Sensei q&a - July 11, 2011

FC Dallas went through a short recovery session on the stadium field at Pizza Hut Park on Monday morning one day in advance of their US Open Cup Quarterfinal match with Real Salt Lake. Here’s what the gaffer had to say afterwards.

How do you prepare to face the same team again so quickly?

Hyndman: We went through all this with the guys last week when we went through all the games we’re playing, the potential games coming up. It’s not something that’s coming out of the blue. We have prepared for it. Coming back, we’re all tired. They’re coming in, they’re going to be tired. I think they expended a lot of energy on us in that game. Obviously, the second goal was a cluster of mistakes. We could have snuck away a point at the end but we didn’t. I think we’ll go into it with the same kind of mentality that we had. I didn’t think we were that far off. I think there were some calls that didn’t go our way and it’s a different environment.

Will tomorrow’s first 11 feature a similar mix of starters and reserves as the last game two weeks ago?

Hyndman: Probably, we’ll be discussing that today.

Talk about FCD Academy product Richard Sanchez and his success with Mexico.

Hyndman: It’s fantastic for Richard, his family, his loved ones, playing in Mexico 100,000 people. What a wonderful environment for an Under-17. FC Dallas, our academy program, we’re so happy that we signed him and to have him be a Homegrown Player for us. He’s making all of us very proud of him.

What about Brek Shea being named to the First XI for the 2011 MLS All-Star Game?

Hyndman: Yeah, fantastic. He’s taken care of himself. He’s continued to develop as a player. On the field, he works hard and off the field.

Is it a bit askew that you guys have just one representative in that group and LA has four?

Hyndman: Well, I think yeah, I guess that’s the way it goes.

Is the Avila lone deal to Mexico officially dead?

Hyndman: Yeah.

How has he responded since this all fell through?

Hyndman: It was really questionable what his response was going to be because I think his mind and his heart was someplace else. I thought it was an opportunity to put him on the field and I thought he did quite well. He brings that normal thing, which is a spark. He got in there and I think he turned the tide. We were being a little bit more aggressive going forward, gave that great ball to Brek that Brek laid off to Jackson that could have just as easily gone in as not. So I think mentally, we feel like he’s back.

How do you think Warshaw fared filling in for Hernandez at RSL?

Hyndman: It’s a tough game for anybody playing in that environment with the altitude, Rio Tinto and the success that they have at home. It’s a tough place for a rookie to get his start. He did fine. I think the second goal obviously was something that he wishes he could do over again but those are the types of things that happen when you’re trying to adjust to the level of play.

Did you think Jackson was affected by the altitude on Saturday?

Hyndman: I think it’s the altitude. It was pretty physical. They’re a team that has got it down pretty good at home. It was very difficult for Brek. It was difficult for Chavez. The types of things we normally see out of these guys, we didn’t see. I think a lot of it was a lot of disruptive play. I didn’t think we had the ability to really put our stamp on the game.

You guys plan to be active in the transfer window, correct?

Hyndman: We are trying to be active. I think we have an opportunity to get some players in here to help us. The perfect example is what Colorado did last year. When they made their changes, they were a different team after the window. But at the same time, it’s tight roster spots. It’s salary cap and it has to be the right player to fight into what we’re doing.

What is the latest on Ferreira?

Hyndman: He did talk to the doctors. The doctors have him out of the boot. He’s getting his treatment and his training as far as rehab. We’re hoping to re-evaluate in a month.