Quote sheet: Chivas USA at FC Dallas

August, 1, 2011
FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

I was glad to get that first goal because I think it was going to be hard for the other team trying to catch up. I thought we created some opportunities for a second goal. The shot count was 18-6 and I thought we put their goalkeeper under pressure and their defenders under pressure. Fifteen minutes into the game, I thought the heat started taking something out of them and, in my mind, it became an even game. Both teams were tired, but a good result for us to get the shutout. Again, it showed a lot of character.

On travel and injuries affecting expectations tonight...

I think you can always make excuses for yourself and be ready for a loss. But I pressed to the players before the game how much their character was going to determine the outcome of the game, and to fight hard and good things will happen.

On Ruben Luna’s performance…

I thought Ruben had a very good game holding the ball, laying balls off and creating opportunities for himself.

FC Dallas forward Ruben Luna

I'm so happy. I'm so excited. I'm motivated. The team has been playing awesome and they're all pushing me to get better. The people on this team have so much character. I'm just so happy.

I just had to step up and help the team out and I'm glad we got three points.

FC Dallas defender George John

On the heat...

I can't really tell because it gets so hot all the time, but it definitely was one of the hottest games of my career, especially the first half. I was on the right side of the field so I was in the sun the whole time. Ugo was a little luckier. He was in the shade. So, yeah, it was out there today. It felt good to get the win.

On being stranded in El Salvador an extra day...

It's a life experience. Chalk it up to that. It's unfortunate we had a flight mix-up, but we have a team full of guys who like to work hard. We've got a lot of character, so we sucked it up today and got a win. Even though it wasn't pretty, we got three points.

Chivas USA head coach Robin Fraser

General toughs on the match…

Tough conditions - it was possibly the hottest game I have been apart of in MLS so it was difficult for both teams. That type of game out there tonight, the team that capitalizes on their opportunities is going to be the team that wins the game. Dallas capitalized on a chance really early and it was tough to chase the game after that. We fought hard and in the end we came up a bit short.

On what ChivasUSA need to do to rebound against New England next week…

Just recover - the heat is what it is. We need to recover from this and come back next week against New England.

Chivas USA defender Heath Pearce

On the heat…

I don’t even remember this heat. I don’t know if I ever played in this heat when I was here. Obviously, the circumstances were difficult for both teams. I think at the end of the day what killed us were our turnovers. They just compound when you turn the ball over in this kind of heat and you have to work so hard to get it back, it really throws you off your game and I think that’s what the difference was at the end of the day.

On the goal by Chavez…

They got a flick-on on a header and were able to get a free cross off. I thought I got under the header pretty well (to clear it). Ruben saved the ball on the line and we arrived late to make the play. Chavez shot it and it just hit straight off me and then went into the goal. Pretty lucky. But, that’s the way the game goes.

General thoughts about the game…

I don’t think we came out particularly strong, like we did the last couple games, but we hung in there. The turnovers today is what eventually cost us the match. That many turnovers in this kind of heat… it’s going to drain you pretty quick.

On what Chivas USA needs to do to rebound against New England next week…

We know what to do. We know how to win. We know what it takes. It’s just going to require enough guys having solid games and doing what makes our team do well which is passing well and finishing our opportunities.



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