Two of George John's teammates speak out on likely move to EPL

With the imminent departure of FC Dallas center back George John to Blackburn of the Premiership that was obviously a hot topic of conversation as FCD prepared to leave for Toronto in advance of tomorrow night’s CONCACAF Champions League match with Toronto FC. Caught up with two of the more veteran members of the roster to get their thoughts on John heading across the pond, and here’s what they had to say:


“Is he leaving? How do I feel about the idea of him leaving, the possibility of him leaving? It’s good for him. It’s a good opportunity but I think at this point in the season, it hurts us. He’s a key piece for us in the defense. I think him and Ugo [Ihemelu] have done a great job this year and in my eyes, they’re probably the best central backs in the league not only individually but as a duo. He’ll definitely be a key piece that we’ll miss if he does go but who wouldn’t want to play in the Premiership? Who wouldn’t want to go play in Europe? It’s a good opportunity for him. It’s just unfortunate.

We have to figure out ways and overcome this adversity if he leaves like we’ve been doing all year. We’ve had injuries, suspensions, had to make changes this year for whatever reason. We have to keep our attitude positive, just keep fighting and find ways to get results. It’s just one of those things, you’ve got to do what you do and make do with what you have. What we want to do is just keep getting results.”


“I think it would be a great move for him, a great opportunity. He definitely has the ability to excel there, so great move for him.

You don’t want to see that because he’s a great guy and he helps this team quite a bit. Selfishly you want him to stay, but for his career it’s something that I think he obviously needs to do or he feels he needs to do.”