Hope Solo in the ESPN Body issue

Hope Solo has had a fantastic career to this point. She's the best keeper the US has produced in my opinion, although Briana Scurry was certainly quite good in her prime. Solo helped the US win Olympic gold in 2008 and almost brought the US to a World Cup title this summer.

She will perhaps also be remembered for standing up for herself in 2007 when her coach at the time, Greg Ryan, benched Solo for the aforementioned, but somewhat at the end of her career, Scurry against Brazil. A game The US lost 4-0 with a subpar performance in net by Scurry. I for one applauded Solo for speaking out then and I sill do so now. She was right in my opinion.

But the reason for my mentioning her today is her appearance in the ESPN Body issue (and that fact she's a soccer player). Solo is an amazing athlete at the prime of her career. She also happens to be attractive.

But the video and photos of Hope aren't "sexy" in a conventional sense, instead she comes off as powerful, strong, muscular and fit. What an impressive athlete in peak physical form.

I was quite blown away by how ripped she is. See for yourself.