Fabian Castillo and Maykel Galindo miss practice

FC Dallas midfielder Fabian Castillo and striker Maykel Galindo were both unexcused absences from FC Dallas training today, the last official session of the year. When asked about the missing players coach Schellas Hyndman responded he didn't know were either player was and both were missing without permission. While fans might not care about the missing Galindo, who was a long shot signing that didn't pay off, Castillo is another matter.

FC Dallas paid a massive (by MLS standards) fee for the young Colombian star's rights this season. Castillo had shown a bright future prior to leaving to join the Colombian U20 team but according to Hyndman it was "back to square one" when the young player returned from the World Championships. Castillo missing the final session of the year has to be a worrisome sign for the coaching staff who will want to get the bottom of this situation sooner rather than later.

A few more quick player updates on a few other people missing...

Daniel Hernandez is getting a second opinion on his knee today in order to help decide if he should have an operation to repair his torn meniscus.

Andrew Jacobson has already had surgery on his torn meniscus and is back in his home state of California starting the recovery and rehab process.

Break Shea is obviously with the US National Team.

Edson Edward is back doing some light training and some heavier rehab on the side.

Ugo Ihemelu and Jeremy Hall are both on bike duty today. Ugo has some irritation in the area of his hernia surgery from last winter, in fact it's been bugging him all year and he just played through it.

David Ferreira was not in training today but is rehabbing somewhere else. According to Hyndman, Ferreira has told to the coaching staff he wants to stay in Dallas this winter to really push his rehab and recovery for next year. That has to be a really pleasing development for the club.