Schellas Hyndman discusses current injuries

In addition to talking about trialists, I also got updates from Schellas Hyndman about players who have been recently injured. Here is that exchange:

Daniel Hernandez

Hyndman: "No issue right now [with his knee]. Haven’t heard anything from him, so he must be doing better. I think it was a little bit of scar tissue."

Ruben Luna

Hyndman: "Ruben played the other day against the Under-20s. Again, he’s been out for a good three-plus weeks. So the expectation for Ruben is always high because he’s been with us but there’s always the reality of coming off an injury."

Victor Ulloa

Hyndman: "Victor got hurt right after he did the testing. He’s been out about four weeks. He’s just coming back now. We brought him on this trip. He had a bottom of the foot injury, so he was unable to go in training. He’s just recently come back. I think he’s got a real good upside. In one year, you could start to see a boy and his body turning into a man. He’s strong. He’s filling out a little bit. Now what we need to do is get the brain to catch up with the body."

Ricardo Villar

Hyndman: "Yeah, he got on the field yesterday [Tuesday]. This was the first time he had been on since he picked up a little bit of a knock. He looks fine. Again, you lose that chemistry or that coordination between other players because we’ve still got people here that are on trial and everything’s still trying to flow into one mind."