Andrew Jacobson and Ricardo Villar out for Caps, Hernan Pertuz in

In what isn't a huge surprise, FC Dallas will be without midfielder Andrew Jacobson this weekend after he suffered a right hamstring strain in the first half of a 2-1 win over Montreal on Saturday night at FC Dallas Stadium.

Hernan Pertuz, who also was replaced at halftime due to injury, a swollen right foot, will travel to Vancouver. Here’s FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman making it official.

"AJ will not be traveling. Pertuz will be traveling and Villar not," Hyndman said.

With Jacobson unavailable, the likely pick to replace him in the first 11 is second-year player Bobby Warshaw, who really showed well for himself in the second half of the win over the expansion Impact.

As to when Ricardo Villar might be return, no one seems to know. But that didn’t stop his head coach from extolling his toughness and love of the game after training on Wednesday.

"Ricardo is such a tough player. He’s a guy that plays for the passion of the game. He doesn’t play for the money or the glory, he plays because he loves it. You may have players sometime say my leg doesn’t feel 100 percent and they’re looking not to play. Villar’s the opposite. I’m ready to go even if he’s 40 percent injured, I can help because he wants to play, because he has such a passion to play," Hyndman said. "So I think on this one, we’ve got to slow it down a little bit because this could be a serious injury."

Jacobson and Pertuz were both listed as questionable on the MLS injury report published on Tuesday while Villar continues to be listed as out.