Blas Perez's impact on new teammates has been immeasurable

Where exactly would FC Dallas be right now without Blas Perez? That’s a scenario FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman and his entire roster would rather not envision. That’s because not only has the veteran forward known as “Super Raton” been every bit as good as advertised, if not even better, as he current leads Dallas with three goals and three assists, but his impact in the locker room has been equally huge.

One player in particular he has had a huge impact on is 19-year-old Colombian forward/midfielder Fabian Castillo. “He’s a really smart player that makes a difference in everything he does. He moves differently. I haven’t scored a goal but I’m learning the different moves he makes on the field,” Castillo said. “So I’m just going to keep learning his moves and it’s going to benefit me in the future.”

Fellow striker Scott Sealy has plenty of MLS experience and has played alongside his fair share of quality forwards, but even he admits there is one thing in particular about Perez that has especially impressed him during their short time as teammates with FCD.

“I think for me the most impressive thing is his work rate. He works very hard when he doesn’t have the ball and it’s infectious. Other guys see it and they feed off of it. It’s something that lifts the team. The game against Montreal where he was able to score that goal, that was really the point that the game turned and the energy started to flow. His work rate for me is the biggest thing. Everyone can see his qualities as a striker in terms of the finishing and stuff like that but it’s the stuff that people don’t expect a striker to do, those are the things that he does pretty well and I think it’s helped the team a lot,” Sealy said.

And while it might sound cliché, the veteran forward from Trinidad and Tobago has no doubt that the Panamanian-born forward is one of those rare players who possesses that unique ability to make every player around him even better.

“I think on a team where your forward is one of your hardest-working guys, it makes everyone else try to give that extra effort,” Sealy said. “I think the games we’ve won and done very well in are the ones he’s kind of led from the front and everyone else followed.”