The Report Card: FC Dallas v LA Galaxy

First Touch: Hyndman is forced to try the 4-4-2 again, this time with two deep holding mids that leaves a hole in the attacking third of the field that could be seen from space.

Second Touch: LA's deadly counter attack is it's "one thing", but it's a very good "one thing" to have

The Finish: Dallas' inability to score against LA's silly excuse for a defense is just about as sad as Keane's missed PK. A 1-1 result was fair to both sides that will rue their feeling that the three points should have belonged to them.


Seitz: 8 - A fantastic match with several heart stopping moments. Certainly gives Hyndman something less to worry about as Kevin's back releases.

Loyd: 7 - A typical Zack performance, the kid could run home from LA and not be tired.

Ugo: 7 - Fine in defense but absolutely has to convert at least one of those two headers, especially when the offense is struggling as it is.

John: 8 - A stellar night and saved his team a few times by cutting out some wickedly placed splitting passes. If only he could consistently pass with accuracy for more than 10 yards.

Benitez: 2 - The double edged sword that is Jair, and in this match it was the hari-kari side. He did create a wonderful cross to create the Dallas PK, but he also gave LA one, the terrible passing and then the decision late to not clear the bal…. oh you know.

Shea: 5 - Brek will never see the other side of Europe unless he significantly improves his touch. Lots will excuse him due to overuse, but his touch (or lack thereof) has always been his big weakness. Several good spots where he simply fumbled the ball away, again.

Jacobson: 4 - 11 of AJ's attacking passes in the middle third were turnovers, but late he did create a magical pass into the box that makes coach wonder why he can't do that more often.

Hernandez: 4 - His free kick service continues to frustrate.

Castillo: 3 - He simply has to stop losing the ball or making bad decisions in the box, otherwise he's nothing more than a 21st century Gerell Elliott.

Jackson: 4 - Oddly quiet for much of the match, but to be thrown in after so much time away is not an enviable spot.

Perez: 4 - Such hard work, but in several key moments lost the ball or passed it poorly which is unusual for Blas.


Hedges: 4

Pertuz: 4

Sealy: n/a