Injuries: Ugo Ihemelu, Carlos Rodriguez, Ricardo Villar

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman was asked about what is always a point of contention in Frisco these days, his injury situation. Here are some updates:

Captain Ugo Ihemelu (concussion symptoms)

Hyndman: He’s going through the protocols. We’ll get the final evaluation tomorrow. But I think it’s 50-50 right now [for Saturday].

Midfielder Carlos Rodriguez (dislocated left elbow)

Hyndman: Yeah, he really is (getting close). It’s again one of those goofy injuries, but he’s had a great attitude. Thank goodness it didn’t need surgery. It was just put back in place. I would hope next week when we start training. We’re going to take Monday off, we hope to start training on Tuesday and we hope that he will be able to now come into our training.

Midfielder Ricardo Villar (right foot strain)

“Well, we’ll wait and see. I haven’t got those type of reports yet, but I know Ricardo;’s wanting to get on the field. What’s funny with Ricardo is he’s such a positive team player, he thought he’d be back in a week. I told him it’d probably be closer to four to six weeks and it seems to be.”