Historically speaking, winless Mays have mixed meaning for FC Dallas

If FC Dallas loses on Saturday night at Real Salt Lake, this year’s club will accomplish a feat that has only happened twice previous in franchise history, FCD will finish the month of May winless. In both 2000 and 2004, Dallas went 0-4-1 in May but while the ’00 team did make the playoffs with a final regular-season mark of 14-14-4 and 46 points, the 2004 squad did not, ending up 10-14-6 with 36 points. Here’s a breakdown:


May Record: 0-4-1

Record at End of May: 4-7-1, 13 points

Record Rest of Season: 10-7-3, 33 points

Final Record: 14-14-4, 46 points

Playoffs: Eliminated in opening round


May Record: 0-4-1

Record at End of May: 2-4-2, eight points

Record Rest of Season: 8-10-4, 28 points

Final Record: 10-14-6, 36 points

Playoffs: Did not qualify


So, as you can see, the 2000 team still managed to make the playoffs despite a winless May, but they were well over .500 the rest of the season. However, the 2004 club didn’t fare so well the balance of the campaign. So, is the 2012 team more like the 2000 team or the 2004 one that didn’t make the playoffs? That’s tough to say, but if FCD can get the likes of David Ferreira, Ricardo Villar and others back from the injured list, then they could make a run the rest of the way. But the burning question is have they already dug too deep of a hole to get out of?