2012 FC Dallas Salaries

As happens every year the MLS Players Union has announced the salaries of all their players. I pulled out the FC Dallas salaries for you here.

A couple of quick thoughts before the list...

1. Most players, including Blas Perez, make about what I expected. That means FCD is doing a good job with their salary structure.

2. You can see Fabian Castillo was indeed a 1 year DP player as he's now on his actual salary.

3. Ricardo Villar is a steal at $80k. I would have been happy at twice that.

4. Bruno Guarda is still a bit overpaid, being a former Generation adidas that happens.

5. Andrew Wiedeman is WAY overpaid. Someone really misfired and overvalued him. He's getting paid like a U17 GA signing does, not a college GA signing. No way FCD picks that deal up when he graduates.

6. Of the protected players Ruben Luna and Bryan Leyva get paid like the prospects they are, everyone else makes backup money. I expected more for Richard Sanchez.

7. Daniel Hernandez took a big pay cut this year, about half. Which is appropriate IMO. I wonder if he gets a separate coach's salary?

8. George John is getting hosed... he should be on Ugo money. The question is, did FCD offer Ugo money or not, John turned them down but it's hard to know what they offered. Ugo is paid like a domestic starting center back should be paid. John should be very similar.

Ok here's the list, the first number is the base salary, the second is "average after bonuses."