Monday Morning Gaffer: DFW Tornados vs FC Dallas

FC Dallas knocked off PDL side DFW tornados in a scrimmage on Tuesday morning in temps approaching 100. The FCD starters played the first half and the reserves the second half. Milton Rodriguez had a hat trick in the second half, the only 45 minutes he played. Good run out to push the sharpness and fitness for the first team in some brutal conditions. Although the completion wasn't great, DFW made lots of changes so the pace was kept fairly high, benefiting FCD in terms of preparation value.


FC Dallas played a 4-1-4-1 in the first half. FCD in blue tops with red shorts today.

Second half FCD went to a diamond'ish 4-4-2, although it was flatter than normal due to Guarda playing so deep. When Leyva came in the shape reverted to more of a 4-5-1 because he played so deep relative to Rodriguez.

DFW plays a straight 4-4-2 all game. They are in white shirts and blue shorts. They made a ton of changes all game, so I only bothered with their starting 11. The numbers I wrote down are correct, and if I can believe this roster then the names should be to.


70' 1-0 FCD Goal - Rodriguez breaks in on the keeper and is chased by a defender. Cuts the ball left around the diving keeper and chips back corner. Good move, nice finish.

73' 2-0 FCD Goal - FCD corner, Avila plays short to Leyva who rips a hard shot on net. Keeper blocks it but the ball falls to Rodriguez who cleanly finishes for the goal.

85' 3-0 FCD Goal - Great pinch by Wiedemen, who pushes it past the wide mid, out runs him, and hits a really class cross to Rodriguez in the gap between the two center backs. Rodriguez great header to near post. Keeper gets a touch on it but can't keep it out.

El Bueno (The Good)

- FCD Dominates possession 70+%. I don't think DFW had a real shot on goal. Each FCD keeper touched the ball one or twice on a back pass. That was about it.

- Milton Rodriguez, as the score line suggests, was fantastic and grabbed a hat trick in 45 minutes of play. Clinical in front of net combined with clearly advanced positional sense and instincts. He knows how to play. Since I've brain farted this a couple times, he can't play till July 15th. The Real Salt Lake game on July 17 is the first game he will be eligible.

- The John/Ihemelu combo looked really strong today. Their communication is getting better and better. Ugo is the clear leader of the back four, but don't undersell the information coming from Hartman.

- In the first half Pearce and Benitez did some swapping of sides, as did Shea and Harris. In the second half Wiedeman and Edward did the same thing. That's a trend I'd like to see continued.

- Marvin Chavez looked bright in the second half. His speed and aggressiveness led to some chances, he hit the crossbar on one. Best performance from Chavez I've seen in some time.

- Jair hit some really nice crosses in the first half, although nothing came from them.

- The only player who stood out for DFW, in my opinion, was #14 Stephen Ambrose. I don't know squat about him, but I'm gonna try and find out more as he was the only player that looked to be up for the challenge. Ok, turns out he plays for UTD and was First Team All-Conference in the ASC.

- The keeper in the first half for DFW, Maros Valko, was solid. He made couple nice saves.

El Camino Central (Middle of the Road)

- DFW isn't really much of a challenge. FCD should and does dominate them. Still a game is a game, so can't complain to much.

- Yeisley at center back is something FCD has done once or twice before. He has a very striker mentality though, forcing it forward and trying to break every time when a calm composed holding of the ball might be more appropriate in this game.

No Tan Bueno (Not So Good)

- No sign of Anthony Wallace, and I forgot to ask where he was. Probably a legit reason. This is a "bad" for me forgetting to ask, not anything on Wallace.

- FCD had something like 12 to 15 shots in the first half and couldn't score. Same old, same old. The movement up top isn't good and thus combinations in the final third aren't good. FCD ends up with some longer range shots or guys trying to dribble penetrate on their own. Sure, lots of chances. No goals.

- Heath Pearce of all people had a bad day. He made to many turnovers and just seemed a little off all the way around.