FCD News Recap

John has extra motivation.

FC Dallas' John wants a win in return to Seattle - MLS Soccer.com - S. Hunt

Seattle will face LA in the Open Cup before playing Dallas this weekend.

US Open match offers another look at Galaxy - The Olympian - D. Ruiz

MLS mimics WC with plenty of questionable calls and the better team on the day still winning.

KC Breakdown: Wizards, not refs, to blame for loss - MLS Soccer.com - A. Wiebe

So, how were the ratings Saturday night? Were they good enough to get a second shot? Probably not.

On Saturday night, WFAA8 preempted ABC's entire prime-time schedule for homegrown coverage of an FC Dallas soccer game. The 7 to 7:30 p.m. warmup show drew 20,359 total viewers in running fourth behind programming on CBS, NBC and Fox. The game itself averaged 27,145 viewers, again running a distant fourth. WFAA8's 9:30 to 10 p.m. coverage of a post-game fireworks show had a comparatively robust 67,863 viewers, nipping the second half-hour of Fox4's local newscast.

Jake-Vienna festivities on The Bachelorette are Monday’s biggest lure in Dallas-Fort Worth ratings - Pegasus News - E. Bark