Memo to Curt Onalfo


TO: Curt Onalfo, DC United

FROM: DJ Walker, 3rd Degree

RE: Andy Najar

Dear Curt:

Congratulations on finding and developing Andy Najar. He is clearly the real deal, and at 17, will no doubt be a major force in MLS for years to come (provided you can afford to keep him around once the European leagues get wind of him).

Now, I notice, looking at the lad's biographical information, that he is from the Honduras. I also notice, from reading the Wikipedia (and the Wikipedia wouldn't lie), that he has been in the United States since he was 13. Also, to the best of my knowledge (and by that I mean, I couldn't find anything on the Google) he hasn't been capped for the Honduras.

Curt, do you see what I'm getting at here? Do I have to spell it out?

Fine. I'll spell it out.

Curt, I think your duty, as an American, is clear. Get this kid on track for citizenship. 2014 will be here before you know it, and we can use all the help we can get. The kid's got game. We need game. I know we did fairly well in South Africa, but that does not change the simple fact - America needs game.

Get it done, Curt. If you have to marry him off to a member of your family, get it done.

Do it now.

For your country, Curt . . . for your country.

Your pal,