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Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Dallas' Newest Soccer Club Has A Cooler Everything

Ok, it might be limited to the club name, logo and kits - but DAMN this is downright funny. Not only funny but the graphic design and execution is excellent.

As described by what I guess is the team's "gaffer"?

I’ve got an indoor soccer team in Division 11 (1 being best, 11 being worst… obviously) here in Dallas, Texas... The patches are embroidered and the lettering is authentic jersey vinyl on Adidas Predator blanks. While we only finished 3rd in our division, I like to think we looked good doing it. The team name is Portman Kunis United (aka The Scissors). It’s a tribute to Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan, for their….. amazing acting. Notice the handcrafted numbering, custom with a swan on each number.

Really great stuff. Turns out they play at Inwood on Thursday nights. Might not be much of a spectacle in terms of skill or ability - but that is some awesome branding.

Maybe a good alternate for the new FC Dallas Women's semi pro team?

via (The Beautiful Gear) Click link to see more pics of both the home and away kits.