Dallas Soccer: 2011 MLS Expansion Draft

2011 MLS Expansion Draft FCD protected list projection

November, 15, 2011
The 2011 MLS Expansion Draft is right around the corner (November 23rd). FCD is in the process of finalizing their protected list. But rather than wait for them to announce it, we're going to take a guess.

Each MLS team will submit a list of 11 protected names that coach Jesse Marsch and the expansion Montreal Impact can't draft.

In addition automatically protected are all the Home Grown and Generation adidas players. CD currently has eight of them: Josh Lambo, Andrew Wiedeman, Bryan Leyva, Ruben Luna, Victor Ulloa, Moises Hernandez, Jonathan Top, and Richard Sanchez. Any player graduating from Generation adidas (Josh Lambo?) will do so before the expansion draft and won't get automatic protection.

So here's our educated guess at the 11 FCD protected players.

1. David Ferreira - the 2010 MLS MVP. Injured all of 2011. Still a dead solid lock to be protected.

2. Brek Shea - the 2011 FCD MVP and a finalist for MLS MVP. Also a dead solid lock to be protected.

3. Kevin Hartman - The best keeper in MLS the last two years in many minds.

4. Marvin Chavez - FCD's second leading scorer in 2011 as he became the player FCD thought they were getting.

5. Ugo Ihemelu - The defensive leader for FCD. Hyndman raves about Ugo every chance he gets.

6. George John - Hyndman says the transfer thing is all water under the bridge. All it good.

7. Jair Benitez - FCD just gave him an extension. Oh, and speed kills.

8. Zach Loyd - By the end of 2011 the for sure starter at right back and he's even in the US National team pool.

9. Andrew Jacobson - When not injured he was one of FCD's best mids, led FCD is assists.

10. Fabian Castillo - You don't pay what FCD paid for this kid and then let him get taken in an expansion draft.

11. Jackson - Some days he's the best player on the field, some days he's a liability. Just to much talent to let go.

Which leaves a list of 10 names unprotected for Montreal to pick from. FCD could lose one, but only one, of these players. Let's look at each and talk about why I think FCD will expose them.

Daniel Hernandez - The captain and my 2nd place FCD MVP. Yes, he's a vital part of FCD... but he's 34. Montreal would never pick him.

Chris Seitz - A danger to get taken, has been an MLS starter and an expansion team could get a solid keeper here. When you have Kevin Hartman, a 2nd keeper is a luxury you can't afford to protect.

Ricardo Villar - Turned out to be a nice player down the stretch although more production would be nice. Would he start in Dallas if everyone was healthy? No. so he'll be exposed. Another player in risk of being taken.

Maicon Santos - Didn't produce the goals FCD needs up top, but has been a decent player for a couple clubs. A player an expansion team might take a shot on.

Daniel Cruz - Have we even seen what this guy is really like, he's only been in Dallas a short time. Does anyone else even know what he is about? There's just no room for him to be protected.

Bobby Warshaw - A talented young holding mid or defender with a bunch of upside, versatility and soccer smarts. A Hyndman kind of player. But not yet good enough to be protected. It would be a shame to lose him too.

Bruno Guarda - One of Hyndman's boys, but little risk he gets nabbed at his contract number.

Jeremy Hall - Played with an injured groin from the TFC CCL game (and a half) on. For a player who relies so much on pace, a groin injury is debilitating. His contract number means he won't get picked even if someone thinks he might fill out their back line.

Mykel Galindo - Injuries have killed his career. Low risk since FCD is almost certainly gonna waive him anyway. So if you want him just wait for the waiver.

Edson Edward - Out for a year injured, it will be very tough for him to make the FCD roster in 2012. I doubt he would have made it in 2011 if not for the injury.

Sizing up the 2011 MLS Expansion Draft

November, 3, 2011
Now that the calendar has officially turned to November, it’s time to think about the MLS Expansion Draft and how it could affect FC Dallas. FCD lost two players, Atiba Harris and Dax McCarty in last year’s proceedings but can lose at most one this time around. Who should be protected and who shouldn’t be?

Here’s my take.


1) David Ferreira---2010 MLS MVP’s recovery might have gone a bit slower than many expected. He’ll be back in 2012, but at what level?

2) Brek Shea---Was a candidate for 2011 MLS MVP but faded in last half of season, likely due to fatigue. Since his value has never been higher, will FCD get an offer they can’t refuse from Europe for the College Station native?

3) Marvin Chavez---Like many of his teammates, Chavez played his best soccer in the middle of the year. Still, the speedy Honduran is locked in for a few years with a contract extension and will be an offensive cornerstone for the immediate future.

4) Kevin Hartman---The ultimate workhorse, Hartman spent a majority of the 2011 season between the posts and performed well. Why wouldn’t he be back?

5) Ugo Ihemelu---Wasn’t nearly as consistent in the back as he has been but still has great pace and also got a contract extension earlier this year, which means he’s here to stay.

6) Jair Benitez---Is still prone to costly lapses on the left side and has shown a tendency to pick up a costly card or two, but still, he got an extension in 2011 and will be back.

7) Jackson---His versatility was on full display this season as he started in the back, in the midfield as well as up top. Would like to see more emotional intelligence from him.

8) Andrew Jacobson---We all loved McCarty here but AJ was a definite upgrade. When healthy, he and Daniel Hernandez made FCD a lot tougher in the middle of the park.

9) George John---John didn’t seem to be the same player or person after he returned from England in July. Will he even be around for the 2012 opener or will he be gone?

10) Zach Loyd---The Oklahoma native is still learning but made great strides as FCD’s everyday right back in 2011. Expect that improvement to continue.

11) Fabian Castillo---Speedy Colombian showed flashes of brilliance, now what can he do with a full season with FCD and training with the club?


1) Daniel Hernandez---The captain has served this club well but with another off-season knee surgery likely in the works, is this the end of the road for the 36-year-old?

2) Bruno Guarda---We all remember the Guarda who starred at SMU but that Bruno has only showed up in brief spells in MLS. He’s had his chance but hasn’t shown much.

3) Maicon Santos---Might remain on the roster almost by default. He was pretty much underwhelming after arriving but could get another shot at sticking in 2012.

4) Ricardo Villar---Was a much better player in the second half of 2011 but still have to wonder if he’ll remain with the team should a better option present itself.

5) Edson Edward---Seeing the native Canadian make his MLS debut in 2010 was a great story. His season-ending knee injury in preseason was not.

6) Jeremy Hall---Think we all agree that the trade with Portland for Eric Alexander was a big bust as we have all already seen enough of Hall.

7) Maykel Galindo---Had a hard time staying healthy and is showing every bit of his age. It was an experiment that clearly didn’t work for FCD.

8) Chris Seitz---Saw very limited duty in goal but when he was in, delivered mixed results. Could FCD be looking for an upgrade at backup keeper this off-season?

9) Daniel Cruz---Not terribly impressed with this addition. Maybe Houston knew what they were doing when they didn’t sign this guy.

10) Jack Stewart---Scored a huge goal to beat Toronto in Champions League at BMO Field and does help provide cover in the back. He could stick again in 2012.

11) Bobby Warshaw---Stanford grad delivered a relatively solid rookie season for FCD in 2011. Smart, tough player should be interesting to watch going forward.


1) Moises Hernandez---Could 2012 be the year he gets a serious look at left back?

2) Josh Lambo---Unsure whether or not he graduates from Generation Adidas this year. If so, he’s likely gone.

3) Bryan Leyva---Looks like he has finally got his fitness figured out, which was a big stumbling block for this kid in ’11.

4) Ruben Luna---Seeing him get his first MLS goal at San Jose was huge, the question remains how much of a role will he play with the first team in 2012?

5) Richard Sanchez---Could he be FCD’s backup keeper in 2012 or will he head elsewhere, maybe to Mexico’s first division?

6) Jonathan Top---Top is a solid contributor up top, no pun intended, but can he push for time with a forward-deficient Dallas first team?

7) Victor Ulloa---Ulloa saw his first action with the FCD first team late in the season. How much momentum will that give him heading into 2012?

8) Andrew Wiedeman---This Cal product has made a nice transition from an attacking to a defensive player. Expect his progression to continue next year as well.