Quote sheet: DC United at FC Dallas


FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

It was a very difficult game for both teams. The conditions were quite difficult. I thought both teams did everything they could to keep the other team from scoring. We had 14 shots to their four. I think we dominated probably a little bit better on the scoring opportunities, but I think you would expect that being the home team. It was a hard-fought game. As I said to the players, I couldn’t ask any more out of them. They gave everything they had. Sometimes we measure people on wins and losses and today was a game where I thought we got everything we could (from them).

On subbing Guarda and Avila in the midfield…

I think it got a little bit difficult in the midfield because they were basically playing a counter-attacking type of game where when they won the ball in the midfield, they could come out and put pressure on us, so I think our midfielders had to work awfully hard to support our attack. Then they had to come back and get into shape and help Daniel. So, I thought it was more just going through fatigue and I thought it was necessary to get some fresh legs on the field, as (DC United) did.

Was this just one of those nights where that’s how soccer goes…

We had a similar result against Kansas City. We didn’t do the things we wanted to do and we ended up losing that game pretty badly. This wasn’t one of those games where I thought we played badly. I thought they did a good job of stopping us from doing the things we wanted to do. And then I think we missed some great opportunities, in particular Marvin (Chavez’s) opportunity. How often does that happen? He did a fantastic job winning it and then, you know… what you tell goalkeepers is when you’re looking at a player running down at you, just force them to make a mistake and that (goal) could have been the game.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman

On tonight's match…

We certainly had to battle as a defense today. A lot of the game we were frustrated by [D.C. United's] organization and the shape they were able to maintain for the majority of the game. They put pressure on us at the right time and they forced us to cough up the ball. We were not able to put in any of the few opportunities that we had away. We are disappointed to not walk away with three points, but at the same time we are realistic enough to realize we did not create the opportunities that would give us three points.

On the second 0-0 draw between FC Dallas and D.C. United this season…

If you look at their roster, they have a great offensive lineup and their guys are willing to work. You always have to worry about D.C. United, the pressure they apply to you. That being said, we moved them from side-to-side for a long time and we weren't able to open up the spots and the angles we needed to win the game.

FC Dallas midfielder Ricardo Villar

On FC Dallas overcoming injuries…

It's going to be three games in a week and we're going to need the whole roster. Everyone is coming in and doing their job, so hopefully we can keep getting results.

On tonight's match…

Today, the ball just did not go in for us. We didn't give it much of a chance. It's one of those days were you battle the heat and we didn't get a lucky break.

On the D.C. United counterattack…

They sat back and played off the counter, so it was a lot of running. In this heat that isn't easy, but we found it in ourselves to keep going, keep battling and keep creating chances. We just didn't put them away this time.

FC Dallas defender Ugo Ihemelu

On tonight's match…

It was probably one of the tougher games we've played so far this season. Dealing with the heat and having two games against Real Salt Lake, we didn't have a lot of time to recover, so that was tough. It was the second game we had to get a win and so I think we came out and that took a lot of energy out of us. The heat really catches up to you. I think we gave it everything we had. We wanted a better result, but that's how soccer goes sometimes.

On D.C. United…

We expected them to come with energy and confidence because they just had a good result against New York in New York. We knew they'd come in with a lot of confidence and they'd want to keep building off their result in New York. I think they did. They came in, kept a good shape and didn't give us anything easy. Their front five guys are talented and really dangerous, but we did all right dealing with them. If the ball had bounced our way once we would have won.

DC United head coach Ben Olsen

We didn’t lose. This is one of the toughest places to play in summer. You look at Dallas when you get the schedule and you’re hoping you get them early or late. Today was just one of those days where either team could have taken it. They certainly had better chances and they were probably more aggressive in the offensive part, but give the guys credit it’s not easy to come out here and shut down a very athletic and fast team. Overall, it was very good point for us.

Are you comfortable with your team’s performance going forward?

You’re never comfortable with your team. You always want more and you’re always looking to get better but I really think the additions have helped us. We have some good depth now. We just have to get fully healthy.

DC United forward Charlie Davies

Away at Dallas is extremely difficult. Getting a point is alright. We are happy with that. It would have been better to pull off another win but a point here is good.

On the heat…

It’s like playing in a sauna. It makes the game extremely difficult and unfortunately we didn’t start playing until the 75th minute. If we were able to knock the ball around earlier it would have been a better outcome for us.

What must the team do to keep getting results…

Just keep playing tough and creating chances and I think if we continue to start from the back and focus on defense, everything will take care of itself.