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Schellas Hyndman talks US Open Cup

May, 28, 2012
On Tuesday night, FC Dallas opens play in the 2012 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup against the Charlotte Eagles of USL Pro. Here’s more on the tournament in general and on FCD’s first opponent from Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman:

Discuss your general thoughts on the U.S. Open Cup and the meaning attached to it.

Hyndman: Well, it’s one of the things we talked about in our meeting today, was this is a fantastic event not just because it’s another competition. It’s also a situation where it’s named after our previous owner, Lamar Hunt. It’s the recognition our country’s given to a man that has done so much for soccer and it means a lot to our ownership and it means a lot to our club and our fans that we honor this opportunity. It’s also we get into a situation where you win the Open Cup, it gives you a direct route into CONCACAF [Champions League]. This is the first year they’ve gone away from a bidding system. Last three years, teams like Seattle would always bid high, hosted the game and giving themselves every opportunity to win. Now it’s a situation, it’s a little bit more even for everyone.

What do you know about the Charlotte Eagles?

Hyndman: I don’t know really that much about them. John Ellinger went out, got a chance to see them, scouted them when they played in El Paso last week I think. Our reports are basically they’re a team that are fighters. They’ve got a couple difference makers and obviously this game will be a big game for them because they’re playing inside an MLS complex and they want to be measured. So they’re very excited about it.

Charlotte features a local product, Scott Jones, who also spent some time with FCD. Did you ever recruit him to play for you at SMU and if so, what kind of player is he?

Hyndman: Yeah, he was always a decent player that we had our vision on and somebody we thought would be a good player to keep at home. He’s a solid player. He’s got an excellent work rate, good technical player. I think this is one of those games we’ll definitely see his best for all the home environment, all those types of things.

Who will FC Dallas look at to replace Barry Gorman?

December, 4, 2011
With the recent news that FC Dallas technical director Barry Gorman will no longer remain in that capacity, one of the bigger questions surrounding FCD this off-season centers around who they will name to replace Gorman? There are at least several in-house candidates or FCD could bring someone in from outside. Here’s a look at three possibilities from inside the organization:


John Ellinger --- Currently FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman’s top lieutenant, Ellinger does have some TD experience on his resume. While it came after he was relieved of head coaching duties during his time with Real Salt Lake, it is experience nonetheless. Ellinger also built a solid portfolio during his time working with US soccer, specifically on the youth development side. He’s also a guy that knows Major League Soccer in and out. But the big question with him would be would he want to take a gig that would take him out of coaching and might mean longer hours and more travel? He and Hyndman do already have a solid professional relationship, so that wouldn’t be an issue.

Marco Ferruzzi --- Ferruzzi is currently FCD’s longest-tenured assistant coach, having been with the club since 2004. He’s been an able lieutenant for three different head coaches in that time: Colin Clarke, Steve Morrow and now Schellas Hyndman. He even had a short stint as interim head coach between when Morrow was fired and Hyndman officially hired in 2008. Ferruzzi is a guy with a great grasp of the league since he has been coaching in MLS for the last eight seasons and before that, was a player. He would be a solid choice to move up, especially since he’s familiar with the Dallas organization top to bottom, but would he welcome what figures to be a much bigger workload as the club’s TD?

Oscar Pareja ---“Papi” continues to be a real asset to this organization and it’s been well publicized what kind of role he played in helping FCD land fellow Colombian Fabian Castillo earlier this year. He would be a great hire when it comes to scouting and eventually signing Latin and South American players because of his network of contacts from his pro career. He also knows MLS very well after stints as both a player and an assistant coach. The only question with the affable Pareja is whether or not he’d give up his gig working with the FCD reserves and youth academy to accept the TD gig? If he wants the job, then it could very well be his for the asking.


I’m not going to use this forum right now as an avenue to speculate about who FCD might look at for this position, but here are several points to consider as they look for a new TD.

Someone familiar with MLS is essential --- Gorman’s familiarity with the college game was a big selling point but if he had a shortcoming, it was a lack of knowledge when it came to the league. As a consequence he had to learn on the fly. Having someone who knows the ins and outs of MLS and how to get quality players is essential for this position.

Maybe someone Hyndman doesn’t know --- It was well documented when Gorman was hired how long he and Hyndman had been friends. No decision in Frisco about the soccer side of the club gets made without an approving nod from the gaffer, so will Hyndman decide to change directions and bring in someone he doesn’t know all that well? Probably not.

Possibly someone without a college background --- It’s hard to fault the choice of Gorman given the initial logic. Hyndman was a former college coach who brought in a colleague for the TD job. And FCD’s first and likely only draft under Gorman did net them Bobby Warshaw, who is a bit raw but looks like a player, so Goerman’s background did pay off at least in that fashion. But other than drafting, how much does having a guy with a college background really benefit a team in MLS? I submit not all that much as anyone who gets this gig can scout players no matter the level. Since FCD went with an ex-college coach the first time around, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see them go a completely different direction this time.

FC Dallas news recap (9/9)

September, 9, 2010
As I mentioned in the previous post, the FIFA Inspection Delegation was in Dallas today. Pics are up here.

Steve Davis talks player development with a lot of stuff about Oscar Pareja. I can't undersell what an amazing job Pareja is doing with the FCD Academy. What an asset that guy is.

ESPN Power Rankings has FCD first.

FCD extended its unbeaten streak to 13 games by beating Toronto, but a sudden shortage of center backs means an already tough trip to San Jose this weekend will be even more difficult.
Goal.com also has FC Dallas 1st in their power rankings.

1. FC Dallas – FCD will enter the weekend with a 13-match unbeaten run, but Schellas Hyndman's side will do well to extend it with a tricky trip to Buck Shaw Stadium on tap. (1)
Jeff Carlisle talks FCD center backs. We'll have more on that ourselves later.

The Seattle Times has a poll on which team will finish with the best record. FCD is 4th in that poll.

FCD's Futbol Forum, Episode 2. Defender Heath Pearce, assistant coach John Ellinger and soccer analyst Bobby Rhine.

The FCD site has become almost insanely prolific. Is the message getting lost in the trees?
- Barry Gorman's latest travel log. He's scouting college players.
- FCD training report 9/8.
- Jackson and Loyd held out of today's session as precautions. Milton Rodriguez back in training.
- George John is questionable.
- Ruben Luna had a good debut.
- Training Report 9/9.
- Jackson is versatile.

The FC Dallas' Soccer 101 for women is back at PHP. It's September 29th.

Centerlinesoccer.com pics San Jose to beat FCD this weekend.

Nick Rosano and Greer Wilson-Chavez preview FCD vs San Jose. Both predict a 1-1 tie.

Not FC Dallas Specific

This is kind of fun, an article from June 1980 about Diego Maradona, "The New Pele."

A player from the Matilda's was forced to take some pics from her FaceBook page. It had to be only a matter of time before that happened to someone.