Quote sheet: New York Red Bulls at FC Dallas

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

Thoughts on the game:

“It’s obviously a very disappointing outcome. I thought we played extremely well the first 20 to 25 minutes, created many very good opportunities for ourselves, but didn’t finish. Scoring goals is probably the most important thing in soccer. Then we found ourselves on the counter-attack and gave up the goal. We knew it would be difficult, in the second half especially, with them going with a 4-5-1 and sitting back on the lead. The end result was very disappointing for us.”

On Maicon Santos:

“He’s a very good player. I think he’s shown the quality of combining, shown the quality of holding the ball, breaking lose and then distributing. Probably the best part of his game is finishing, and tonight it just wasn’t going to be there. I saw a little glimpse of it against New England last week. We get the ball where we need to get it and then we’re able to finish it.”

Other thoughts…

“The bright spot for us is, we’re anxious to get [Marvin] Chavez back. We’re anxious to get Brek [Shea] back. Those two players would make any strike force better.”

On the team’s wing play:

“Not having our top two flank players is difficult to go without. [Ricardo] Villar added something. He’s a very crafty player. He’s very intelligent and a good passer of the ball. But the thing he doesn’t bring is that penetration into space with speed. Jackson kept on floating into the center a little too much.”

On the state of your team:

“This might be the first time in a long time that I see discouragement in the locker room. People are really disappointed. We all know how important it is for us to get three points at home. Down to the final whistle, I was encouraged to see how they kept fighting and how determined they were to get that goal. If that wasn’t the case, I would be extremely discouraged. When players encourage each other, it’s like the human body needing oxygen. You can’t live without it. So what we want to do right now is keep everything very encouraging.”

FC Dallas midfielder Ricardo Villar

I think our team is still one of the better teams. We just have to keep doing things right and eventually things have to turn around. We’ll just dig ourselves out of this. I feel like we’ll start a game at an incredible level and then just drop. I think it’s the fatigue of so many games, or I’m not quite sure what, but I know what I feel and you kind of hit a wall because of so many games and you cannot keep up that same energy the whole game. I feel like that’s true for the whole team, but we keep fighting and that’s what’s good about this team… the courage.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman

I can’t necessarily speak on behalf of the team. I can speak on behalf of myself and it doesn’t’ seem like we’re playing with the same type of intensity and we’re not having as much success as we had perhaps in the middle portion of the season. I don’t know if it’s because we have different personnel on the field, if it’s because we’re lethargic, we’re tired. I don’t know exactly what it is. I know we need to hurry up and rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Whether that’s taking care of things from an individual perspective, or just continuing to work on stuff from a defensive perspective or an offensive perspective, those are the reasons we have Schellas and we certainly value and respect anything it is that he figures out for us.

New York head coach Hans Backe

General thoughts on the game:

“Both teams have some players out. Four starters you can say, with [Jan Gunnar] Solli, [Rafael] Marquez and [Roy] Miller, three out of the back four normally playing and Thierry [Henry] out. We’re without four starters but it didn’t change our result. Dallas loses a little bit of pace. I can just give credit to our three new players in the back four, the attitude and spirit. They had to defend a lot, but they did it well. This is the way we probably need to do when we are on the road. Get back to the basics, to get the formation, to fill in for each other and just play a little bit better.”

On winning without key players:

“I think that sometimes these guys can pick up each other. I think that they really know where we are. I can’t say it’s a must win because going to Dallas and winning is not easy. But we are back in the race now after winning this game. Some of the guys know how important it is when the big-guns are out. We need to step up and take responsibility.”

“Hopefully now we can build on this, even if we had to defend a lot today. We didn’t have that much of an attacking game, maybe two or three good chances. Overall it was a good game for us. Defend, defend, defend, and play a little bit dirty. We like to get these three points."

On what Dax McCarty brings to game:

“[Dax brings] a lot of energy on the central midfield. Tim is more of a holding guy. Dax is, in our attacking game, a late runner. He can run all day long. He has runs from midfield, his crosses, his final passes; it means a lot to our game. Of course, there’s energy from getting Rogers back for the first time in two months. It helps a lot having him.”

New York forward Luke Rodgers

On scoring a goal in his first game back…

I just love it. Obviously, I haven’t played for a bit, it’s my first game back and I felt good. I didn’t feel as sharp as I usually do, but you’re only going to get that with match fitness. I’ve got 45 minutes under my belt now, which is big for me. I came through it good, scored a goal, which is nice as well. I’m just pleased for the team. It’s just so massive to be back playing. I’m just so happy with the win.

On his goal…

“I saw [Juan] Agudelo make a run, the ball broke through to him, and I just had to make sure I was in the six-yard box to score. The ball came in, it seemed to jump up a bit, and sometimes when you hit them perfectly, the goalkeeper saves them, but it sort of rolled up my leg and went in. I don’t care [how it goes in]. We won, we scored and it’s the best result of the season.