Dallas Soccer: Peri Marosevic

Peri Marosevic had a crazy week

July, 31, 2011
On Thursday, Peri Marosevic was waived by FC Dallas.

Except that Toronto FC actually announced on Wednesday they had acquired Marosevic.

Which means Marosevic was probably actually waived Tuesday, the one day this week FCD trained and the day FCD traveled to El Salvador. FCD only got around to announcing it... um... after... er... Marosevic signed with TFC.

Two days after he was waived... er... I mean... announced to have been waived... and three days after he signed with TFC...

Marosevic did this...

Interesting week there kid.

Cutting Marosevic and Rodriguez a pure no-brainer for FC Dallas

July, 29, 2011
Earlier this week, news came out of the FC Dallas camp that the reigning Western Conference champions had indeed cut loose two forwards-Peri Marosevic and Milton Rodriguez. While some think this might signal they are putting together a deal for Dallas native Kenny Cooper, who was in Frisco from 2006 through 2009, but more on that later. What these two moves do signify is that FCD has at least two players in mind to make this club a better one for the final stretch run of the regular season.

Marosevic: Unrealized Potential

Let me preface this by saying that Marosevic is a great kid and a very positive personality who was definitely loved by his teammates as well as the coaching staff. But he never really did produce on the pitch and that is the bottom line, isn’t it? Considering he was taken ninth overall in the 2009 MLS Super Draft, the expectations surrounding the former Michigan Wolverine were high and why shouldn’t they be?

Peri was hyped both by Schellas as well as FCD management as being the one player they wanted above all others. Of course, the gaffer and company deserve considerable credit because they did get George John with the 14th overall pick and few if any supporters of this club have any qualms with how the big Washington state native has performed in his first few seasons at center back.

Marosevic was given looks both up top as well as a flank midfielder and to say the results were underwhelming might have been a huge understatement. Put simply, he just wasn’t a good fit here and it was for the best that he was cut loose. And yes, it was good to see Toronto FC pick him up not soon after he was released, so maybe the change of venue will do him some good. Still, with at least one forward coming in, someone had to go and Marosevic was a logical first choice for Hyndman, club technical director Barry Gorman and the rest of the FCD brain trust.

Rodriguez: Peaked Too Early

During his just over a year with FCD, Milton Rodriguez did make some contributions in the form of goals and assists. But the problem was that those contributions were just too meager. He did have five goals and one assist in 13 regular-season games last year but an injury limited him to just one game during last fall’s magical playoff run to the first-ever MLS Cup in franchise history.

So, given how he finished 2010 with basically a whimper, much was expected from Rodriguez in 2011. On one hand, he was expected to contribute up top in the form of goals and assists. But the expectations didn’t end there. He was also being looked to help young forward Ruben Luna make the adjustment to becoming a first-team regular. Luna’s adjustment remains ongoing but the early returns weren’t good.

Rodriguez did have a goal, a nifty one off a back heel in the ’11 opener against Chicago, but that was his only goal of 2011. He started just five games before Hyndman had seen enough and despite a dearth of true forwards on the roster, the gaffer installed Colombian wunderkind Fabian Castillo up top. Thanks for your service Milton as well as your veteran leadership but the fact of the matter is he just wasn’t good enough and it was time to go in a different direction. He had nothing but good things to say about his time in Dallas just after he was cut loose and that wasn’t a big surprise. He is a class professional and a solid player, just not good enough to help this club reach that next level and win a championship.

What These Moves Mean

Well, not to merely state the obvious but these moves mean FCD will definitely be adding two new names to their roster before the international transfer window closes on August 15. One of those names looks like South American defender Derrick Johnson but it remains to be seen who the second Mystery Man will be. It will most likely be a striker, something this team needs.

But I would highly doubt this means the team is bringing Cooper back into the fold. Portland will likely want too much for the affable Dallas native and when asked about the possibility of KC 33 again wearing the Red, White and Blue for FCD, that was the major reservation that Hyndman had, what he might have to give up to get the deal done.

Who Could Be Next to Go

And there is always the thought that Peri and Milton might be the first two dominoes to fall in what could see several new faces enter the FCD fold. Hyndman, Gorman and company have about six weeks before the MLS roster freeze deadline on Sept. 15 to make moves.

Two of the players who have to be sweating right now are midfielder Eric Avila and forward Maykel Galindo. Avila is back with FCD after a proposed loan to Mexico fell through and while everyone loves the energy he brings off the bench, he hasn’t been the same player since he returned from south of the border. Something else working against the San Diego native is that he has never really become the type of two-way player that Hyndman wants on his roster. Avi’s time with FCD is most likely nearing an end, the only question is likely whether or not he lasts through the end of the season or not.

As for Galindo, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy during his time here, which is a shame. But that shouldn’t shock anyone, especially since his time with Chivas USA was marred by a rash of injuries. He was brought in as a low-risk, possibly high reward addition but the biggest question surrounding him when he got here was his durability or lack thereof. Since he is currently injured, he can’t be waived but once he gets healthy, something he hasn’t been for very long at all in 2011, he could be the next to go.
FC Dallas has released forwards Milton Rodriguez and Peri Marosevic, the club announced today. The move clears roster space for what should be two new signings in the next few weeks. Coach Shellas Hyndman said this week he was expecting two new players by the close of the transfer window on August 15th.

The Chicago Fire Reserves topped FC Dallas Reserves 5-0 Tuesday morning at the Toyota Park Practice Field in Bridgeview, Ill. The loss was the first of the season for FC Dallas Reserves, who return to action against Real Salt Lake Reserves on Friday, Aug. 5.

FCD fielded two Academy players in the match (Jack Coleman and Okwono Boyd) along with three trialists (Abdoulaye Faly, Forman Andres, and Shahdon Winchester)

With the result, the Fire Reserves move to 3-0-1 (10 points) and sit atop the MLS Reserve League’s Central/Mountain Division. With the loss, the FC Dallas Reserves taste defeat for the first time in 2011, moving to 3-1-0 (9 points) where they remain tied for second with the Houston Dynamo.

Chicago Fire Reserves: Jon Conway; Bratislav Ristic, Dasan Robinson, Josip Mikulic, Pari Pantazopoulos; Gabriel Ferrari (Lyle Martin** 46’), Daniel Paladini (Martin Rivas** 73’), Mike Videira (Brady Wahl* 79’), Corben Bone (Dado Hamzagic** 73’), Cristian Nazarit (Peter Beasley* 82’), Orr Barouch

Substitutes not used: Alec Dufty, Victor Pineda,

FC Dallas Reserves: Chris Seitz; Abdoulaye Faly**, Jack Coleman* (Forman Andres** 62’), Andrew Wiedeman, Moises Hernandez; Bruno Guarda, Bobby Warshaw, Victor Ulloa, Peri Marosevic (Shahdon Winchester** 46’); Bryan Leyva (Okwono Boyd* 79’), Ruben Luna.

Substitutes Not Used: Josh Lambo, Jonathan Top

*Academy Players, **Trialist

Scoring Summary:
CHI – Cristian Nazarit (Gabriel Ferrari, Daniel Paladini) 25’
CHI – Orr Barouch (penalty kick) 45’+
CHI – Cristian Nazarit (Orr Barouch) 58’
CHI – Cristian Nazarit (unassisted) 75’
CHI – Orr Barouch (Pari Pantazopoulos) 86’

Misconduct Summary:
DAL – Ruben Luna (caution) 24’
CHI – Dasan Robinson (caution) 24’
CHI – Daniel Paladini (caution) 32’
DAL – Andrew Wiedeman (caution) 36’
DAL – Abdoulaye Faly (caution) 45’+
DAL – Bruno Guarda (caution) 52’
CHI – Lyle Martin (caution) 53’

2011 FC Dallas salaries

May, 8, 2011
As they do everyone year, the MLS Players Union has released the salaries for their players for the 2011 season. I have pulled out the FC Dallas salaries from there data.

Senior Roster

These players all count against the salary cap, but as I mention every year, these are NOT the salary cap numbers. As a prime example of this I mention Fabian Castillo and his $42,000 salary.

Castillo, as we know, is a designat Player this year and this year only because of the transfer fee MLS/FCD paid for him. Transfer fees are included in the salary cap number. So Castillo’s Salary cap number is the DP number of $335,000 and not the $42,000 he gets paid.

The two numbers listed for each player are his base salary and the guaranteed compensation he will get with bonuses.

Eric Alexander 46,750.00 46,750.00
Eric Avila 100,000.00 133,000.00
Jair Benitez 150,000.00 171,250.00
Fabian Castillo 42,000.00 42,000.00
Marvin Chavez 50,000.00 50,000.00
Kyle Davies 62,500.00 62,500.00
Edson Edward 42,000.00 42,000.00
David Ferreira 600,000.00 705,000.00
Maykel Galindo 55,404.00 55,404.00
Jackson Goncalves 84,000.00 105,375.00
Bruno Guarda 48,000.00 63,000.00
Kevin Hartman 155,000.00 175,000.00
Daniel Hernandez 160,000.00 172,500.00
Ugo Ihemelu 170,000.00 170,000.00
Andrew Jacobson 45,000.00 45,000.00
George John 42,000.00 42,000.00
Zach Loyd 52,250.00 96,875.00
Milton Rodriguez 198,000.00 228,000.00
Chris Seitz 100,000.00 100,000.00
Brek Shea 100,000.00 133,000.00
Ricardo Villar 150,000.00 150,000.00

Developmental Roster

These 10 players do not count against the salary cap.
Moises Hernandez 42,000.00 44,500.00
Josh Lambo 100,000.00 133,000.00
Bryan Leyva 55,000.00 70,833.33
Ruben Luna 55,000.00 74,500.00
Peri Marosevic 80,000.00 129,000.00
Richard Sanchez 32,600.00 33,600.00
Jonathan Top 32,600.00 32,600.00
Victor Ulloa 42,000.00 44,500.00
Bobby Warshaw 42,000.00 53,250.00
Andrew Wiedeman 75,000.00 118,000.00

Some thoughts and observations…

Castillo could be a developmental player based on his salary if not for the DP transfer status.

Kevin Hartman got a nice raise this year as last year he was on $75 K - $80 K. He’s more where he should be this season.

Underpaid based on PT/value? Marvin Chavez and George John. Maybe Andrew Jacobson at this rate.

Overpaid? Milton Rodriguez and Ricardo Villar. One might be tempted to add the GA players, but they are paid on a league standard.

Ricardo Villar makes the same base as Dax McCarty, which is surprising given salary as one of the reasons FCD let McCarty go… although I believe McCarty’s deal escalates the next few seasons.

I like seeing Leyva and Luna with the potential to make big jump with bonuses.
Peri Marosevic and Bryan Leyva find the back of the net for Dallas

FC Dallas Reserves downed USL Premier Development League side, the Laredo Heat, 2-1 in an exhibition match on the adidas field at Pizza Hut Park today. Dallas’ goals came from Home Grown player Bryan Leyva and 2009 first round selection Peri Marosevic. Laredo’s Damian Lopez scored the lone goal for the Heat.

Leyva put the home side up 1-0 in the 21st minute with a 25-yard strike to the far upper corner of the goal. The play began with a build-up down the right flank between Ricardo Villar and trialist Ryan Guy. The combination play between Villar and Guy opened space for FC Dallas to switch the ball to the opposite flank. The cross was initially won by Laredo, but Leyva found the loose ball in space and hammered it high to the far post for a one-goal lead.

In the 85th minute when Eric Alexander slid a ball inside to Marosevic. From just outside the area, Marosevic opened a shooting lane and struck a hard shot to the far post for the 2-1 victory.

Scoring Summary:
DAL – Bryan Leyva 21
LAR – Damian Lopez (Estaban Bayona) 33
DAL – Peri Marosevic (Eric Alexander) 85

FC Dallas – Chris Seitz (Josh Lambo 46), Moises Hernandez, Bobby Warshaw, Zach Loyd, Andrew Wiedeman, Bryan Leyva (Jonathan Top 80), Eric Alexander, Bruno Guarda (Victor Ulloa 65), Ryan Guy, Ricardo Villar (Maykel Galindo 56), Ruben Luna (Peri Marosevic 74).

Laredo Heat – Rodrigo Avila, Reynold Fuentes (Gabriel Muniz 70), Carlos Ordaz, Leone Cruz (Omar Lopez 86), Damian Lopez (Wayo Gonzalez 56), Estaban Bayona (Felix Garcia 56, Albert Escobar 88), Jesus de dios Ibarra (Daniel Garza 85), Greg Mulamba, Daniel Galvan, Armando Begines, Tommy Martinez.

Misconduct Summary:
DAL - Ruben Luna (caution; diving) 51

Referee: Jose Luna Hernandez
Referee’s Assistants: Brent Zirkle and Tom Harlett
Weather: Cloudy, 61 degrees

Depth chart analysis: forward

March, 19, 2011
And finally we get to the biggest positional question mark on the team: striker. This, at least for me, was the biggest problem of the year, heck make that the biggest problem of last season as well. Maybe even the biggest problem since Kenny Cooper left. (This is not a bring back Kenny Cooper post. Cooper never was right for Hyndman's team and FCD has ZERO chance or method to bring him here.)

That doesn't change however that no one has really locked down and controlled the loan striker spot. Even Jeff Cunningham, in his terrific season, or half season, of two years ago, never made me feel confident about the striker spot. Mostly because FCD needed a second reliable striker after Cunningham, which never happened. Last year, when Cunningham fell off a little, Milton Rodriguez was brought in and played solid, if unspectacular, ball. Yet now Cunningham is gone and FCD is back to one proven player up top, a proven player who is 34.

I fully expect a strong season from Rodriguez, but one proven player up top still makes me question the potential success of this team a little. What happens if Rodriguez goes down? With the heave lad of games (CONCACAF Champions League, US Open Cup, Rio Grande Plate) who is going to spell Rodriguez? There is little chance he can hold up for 90 minutes a game for 40 games.

Which brings us to the other options, and as exciting as they are, they are quite young. Ruben Luna at 19 is the first choice back up. The fact FCD didn't bring in a prime of their career striker shows how much faith the FCD coaches have in him, faith I don't feel is misplaces. Early in the season Luna will be coming off the bench as a late game sub, perhaps making spots starts.

Make no mistake this kid has serious talent, he's Carols Ruiz with work ethic and great off-field habits. Can Luna challenge to take the starting spot this year? Yes I think he can. But can you count on him to for sure, 1005, to be healthy and score goals? No, at 19 there is a risk factor.

After Luna is the even greater unknown of Fabian Castillo. FCD appears to have paid a great deal of money for him, at least a MLS great deal of money. Enough money that Castillo is a DP for this season. The coaching staff must have great confidence. But he is 18 and he is an unknown quality. How will he adjust to MLS and life in the States? He's also small and he plays more as a slasher or winger. That's a postion that FCD doesn't really have in their system. Does his arrival mean FCD may look to a 4-4-2 shift at some point or does he end up at left mid as we discussed in the midfield section?

Then of course we have the two Generation adidas players who frankly have yet to pan out. Andrew Wiedeman has spent a lot of time at wide mid or outside back. One can't help but wonder if he's not really a striker anymore. Peri Marosevic is a striker, but hasn't really produced or progressed. Both players, and really Marosevic in particular, should relish the return of the reserve league. That man really benefit both of them. Marosevic, who is a goal poacher, needs to prove he can actually produce day to day and not just have a great game once in a blue moon.

Lastly at striker there is Jonathan Top, one of this season's new home grown signings. At this point we know very little about him, outside of the fact he's a US youth international. Top was the leading scorer for the FC Dallas Under-18 Development Academy team in 2010 with 8 goals in 10 matches in US Developmental League play. I have been told he's more or a withdrawn type striker rather than a Ruben Luna type target player, one that might really fit a 4-4-2. Being so new to the team and so young, it's unlikely Top will contribute much to the first team in 2011.

Forward Depth Chart

1. Milton Rodriguez
2. Ruben Luna
3. Fabian Castillo
4. Peri marosevic
5. Andrew Wiedeman
6. Jonathan Top

Depth chart analysis: midfield

March, 19, 2011
By this point the midfield is about as ingrained as anything on this club, perhaps because it's the team's strongest position. Even with the departure of Dax McCarty the midfield is still quite good, although eh does leave us one big question mark in the formation.

The name seemingly written in pen on the team sheet is David Ferreira. FCD's best player, league MVP... what do we need to say about this guy. He's first choice at the high attacking mid spot in the 4-1-4-1 and isn't coming out of the team anytime soon.

It is important this year, with US Open Cup, CONCACAF Champions League, and the Rio Grande Plate, for Ferreira to take some game off. The player getting the most recent look in this spot as a fill in is new signing Ricardo Villar. We haven't seen enough of Villar yet to know if he can reliably fill in here, so stay tuned. Eric Avila is also capable of manning this spot if needed and Bryan Leyva probably has some potential here.

The name we don't know much about is Fabian Castillo. Can he play in this system in the Ferreira spot or would FCD have to transition to a 4-4-2 for him to thrive here?

At holding mid is the captain Daniel Hernandez. He's as much ingrained in place as Ferreira except that Hernandez is 34 and coming off a knee injury. Hyndman has made a concerted effort to bring in some depth at this position by first drafting Bobby Warshaw, a player very similar to Hernandez when he came out of college, and then by trading for Andrew Jacobson from Philadelphia Union. Jacobson is a tall, strong defensive minded midfielder with nice feet and good passing ability. Jacobson is #2 right now at this deep spot and can also contribute at the next spot we'll talk about.

There are a few more names on the chart at holding mid, Eric Alexander can play here but is likely to be busy somewhere else. Jackson can fill in here as he did admirably last season with this tremendous range. I also think Zach Loyd could play this spot, but I'm not sure Hyndman thinks that's true, Bruno Guarda has played some here, and of course George John played here in college. Lastly there us home grown talent Victor Ulloa who is a natural holding mid.

Between the holding mid and the attacking mid comes the linking position vacated by Dax McCarty. After letting him go for primarily salary cap reasons, FCD is giving the first shot to fill this spot to Eric Alexander who did so well filling in last year when McCarty was hurt. Hyndman would like so see a few more goals out of this potions, mainly on box penetrating runs, so in the offseason FCD signed Ricardo Villar. I mentioned Villar in terms of backing up Ferreira, but this linking spot is the real reasons he is here. Villar is going head to head with Alexander in perhaps the most contested battle in the FCD lineup. his injury has slowed Villar this spring, but watch this spot cause it's going to be a heated battle.

After Villar there are a couple more names to consider. Andrew Jacobson played a bunch here this spring after Villar was hurt, although it's not ideal for him. Linking mid is Bruno Guarda's best position, even though he has fallen far down the depth chart from when he was a starter. Bryan Leyva can play here and it may be his best potential position in the current formation. Last but not least, this is another spot that Eric Avila can also play from time to time, although his defensive liabilities cost him here.

On the right side of midfield we will see Marvin Chavez. Chavez won the job from Attiba Harris last season allowing FCD to expose Harris in the expansion draft. Behind Chavez is a mis-mash of players, Eric Ailva will figure prominently here in games as a attacking player off the bench and spot starter. Eric Alexander might actually be better wide than central, at least Hyndman thinks so. Again Bryan Leyva can figure here as do both Peri Marosevic and Andrew Wiedeman in reserve games. Jackson can even do this job in a pinch, showing one again his immense versatility. And it wouldn't be a stretch to see Brek Shea play on the opposite side. Perhaps brand spanking new home grown signing Jonathan Top can figure here in some reserve games.

The left is where the run really begins. Brek Shea is the man here, expect as we discussed in the defender analysis, Hyndman wants to move Shea to center back. The only way that can happen is if someone steps up at left mid.

Getting the first shot is Eric Avila, this is his best shot at finally grabbing a full time starting role. If he can't hold it down and Shea comes back to left mid, Avila might not get that many more chances at starting.

The next name to consider for left mid is another we know so little about and that's Fabian Castillo. The 18 year old Designated Player (for this season only) is nominally a striker, but can and does play on the left flank. He is the prototypical fleet footed, slashing, penetrating wide mid that Hyndman relishes in this system. Yes Castillo is a striker, but with only one striker in this system, Castillo may best help the team wide left rather than in the Jeff Cunningham late sub role. Some of the reserves here are the same as right mid: Leyva, Wiedeman, Marosevic.

Midfield Depth Chart

Attacking Mid
1. David Ferreira
2. Ricardo Villar
3. Eric Avila
4. Bryan Leyva

Holding Mid
1. Daniel Hernandez
2. Andrew Jacobson
3. Jackson
4. Bruno Guarda
5. Bobby Warshaw
6. Victor Ulloa

Linking Mid
1. Eric Alexander
2. Ricardo Villlar
3. Bruno Guarda
4. Eric Avila
5. Bryan Leyva

Right Mid
1. Marvin Chavez
2. Eric Avila
3. Eric Alexander
4. Bryan Leyva
5. Andrew Wiedeman / Peri Marosevic / Jonathan Top

Left Mid
1. Brek Shea
2. Eric Avila
3. Fabian Castillo
4. Eric Alexander

FC Dallas ends camp with two shutouts

March, 8, 2011
FC Dallas ended their Arizona camp with back to back shutouts at Grande Sports World in Casa Grande, Arizona on Monday evening. The FCD first team knocked off New York Red Bulls Reserves 4-0, then the FC Dallas reserves put a 3-0 win up on FC Edmonton of the North American Soccer League.

FC Dallas has two more games this spring, the most important one at Pizza Hut Park against Chivas USA on the 12th. That game should feature the starters in what is the final dress rehearsal for opening day. On the 13th FCD will take on Central Arkansas in what should be the final reserve tune up for 2011. This second game will probably be the last chance for anyone not on the roster to make an impression.

Here's the scoring line and linup from each game on Monday in Arizona, after you take a look at them we'll talk a little about what it all means.
Game 1

Scoring Summary:
FCD - Marvin Chavez (David Ferreira) 17
FCD - Chavez 53
FCD - Maykel Galindo (Ricardo Villar) 57
FCD - Eric Avila (Galindo, Ferreira) 72

FC Dallas - Kevin Hartman, Jackson, George John (Zach Loyd 80), Brek Shea, Jair Benitez, Marvin Chavez, Daniel Hernandez (Andrew Jacobson 75), David Ferreira, Eric Alexander (Ricardo Villar 46), Eric Avila, Kevin Gall (Maykel Galindo 46).

Game 2

Scoring Summary:
FCD - Ruben Luna (Ricardo Villar) 3
FCD - Andrew Wiedeman 24
FCD - Milton Rodriguez (Bryan Leyva) 60

Misconduct Summary:

FC Dallas - Chris Seitz (Josh Lambo 46), Charlie Campbell, Scott Gordon, Zach Loyd (Victor Ulloa 24), Moises Hernandez, Andrew Wiedeman, Bobby Warshaw, Andrew Jacobson (Bryan Leyva 46), Peri Marosevic (Jonthan Top 60), Ricardo Villar (Bruno Guarda 46), Ruben Luna (Milton Rodriguez 46).

Now for the more important questions...

- Kevin Gall clearly getting a last shot to make an impression in the first game... and didn't score. I have to think at this point Gall has little shot at making it. Maykel Galindo got the run in the second half and did score... but is it to little to late? I would think it probably is. Hyndman said Galindo couldn't play high striker by himself in a 4-1-4-1 and FCD plays a 4-1-4-1. The new addition in Fabian Castillo makes it very tight on the roster.

- Eric Alexander is, as of right now, the first choice linking mid. We finally saw Ricardo Villar on the field, but a this point he hasn't played enough to make a serious challenge for the spot. Third at this spot is Bruno Guarda, who has fallen far form the days he was a lock starter as a rookie.

- It was nice to finally see George John's name on the team sheet, but is he healthy enough to start opening day? Zach Loyd is also back, but off the bench... Which means at this point it's almost a certainty that Brek Shea will be starting opening day at center back.

- And as a consequence Eric Avila seems to have a firm hold on the next wide mid spot, filling in for Shea at left.

As for the reserve game...

- Charlie Campbell appears to have a shot at outside back, but is there enough room? I just don't see enough space.

- Andrew Wiedeman and Peri Marosevic are so far out of the picture at striker that both are playing wide mid or wide back every time we see them in a scrimmage.

- With the current injuries, Scott Gordon may have played himself onto the team. Or at least Hyndman may have his hand forced to keep him. Gordon at CB vs Campbell at outside back? Could be.

- Game 2 starting 11 means we may see Ricardo Villar spelling David Ferreira some this season too.

FC Dallas drop Arizona exhibition to Montreal Impact

March, 3, 2011
A team of reserves, trialists, and draft picks lost to the Montreal Impact 3-0 at the Reach 11 Sports Complex in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday after arriving from Florida earlier that day. Ali Gerba, Luke Kreamalmeyer and Idriss Ech Chergui scored for Montreal.

This game featured one of the first sightings of one of the newest FC Dallas home grown players, Jonathan Top, who came on the 66th minute. Josh Lambo got a rare bit of playing time, as did Peri Marosevic, Victor Ulloa, Andrew Wiedeman, and Bryan Leyva. Draftpick and potential striker/winger Charlie Campbell played 90 minutes at outside back.

Trialist Christian Arrieta got a 90 minute run, while Maykel Galindo and Kevin Gall each got a half.

Dallas remains in Phoenix through Tuesday, March 8. The defending Western Conference Champions' next match is scheduled for Saturday, March 5 against the Arizona Sahuaros.

Scoring Summary:
MON - Ali Gerba (Luke Kreamalmeyer) 21
MON - Kreamalmeyer 53
MON - Idriss Ech Chergui 76

Misconduct Summary:
Antonio Ribeiro (caution) 4
Hassoun Camara (caution) 44
Bruno Guarda (caution) 44
Richard Pelletier (caution) 79

FC Dallas - Chris Seitz (Josh Lambo 46), Moises Hernandez, Christian Arrieta, Scott Gordon, Charlie Campbell, Bobby Warshaw (Jonathan Top 66), Eric Avila (Victor Ulloa 46), Andrew Jacobson (Peri Marosevic 46), Bruno Guarda, Maykel Galindo (Kevin Gall 46), Andrew Wiedeman (Bryan Leyva 46).

Montreal Impact - Bill Gaudette (Evan Bush 62), Philippe Billy (Bonheur Aubey 81), Hassoun Camara (Kevin Cossette 87), Leonardo Di Lorenzo, Ali Gerba (Idriss Ech Chergui 64), Kevin Hatchi (Felix Cardin 88), Luke Kreamalmeyer, Pierre-Roudolph Mayard, Nevio Pizzolitto, Antonio Ribeiro (Simon Gatti 68), Zurab Tsiskaridze (Nevio Pelletier 66).

Missing in action for today's Houston game

February, 12, 2011
According to FC Dallas here is the list of player missing from today's scrimmage down in Corpus against Houston.

Heath Pearce - back/hip problem
Zack Loyd - got poked in the eye in training
Daniel Hernandez - recovering from off season surgery
George John - recovering from bone spur removal
Kyle Davies - ankle surgery
Ugo Ihemelu - surgery this week
Charlie Campbell - hamstring injury this week ("tweaked")
Peri Marosevic - foot problem
Edson Edward - ACL tear

As a reminder today's scrimmage at 2 PM CT will be streamed live on FCDallas.com.

The Jeff Cunningham Question

February, 3, 2011
As we move on to the next question of the winter we come to what for me is the biggest one: striker. Ever since Kenny Cooper left a few seasons ago it seems like FCD has needed a striker. Last year Hyndman waited till the second window to find Milton Rodriguez, who wasn't terrible, but didn't light the world on fire either.

Now a year later FCD finds itself in the same place, needing a striker. This time due to the departure of Jeff Cunningham and Atiba Harris.

Question #2: Forward (a.k.a. The Jeff Cunningham Question)

With the decision to waive Jeff Cunningham, and probably more accurately his large salary cap number (~$220,000), FCD again finds itself in need of another striker. When the second highest paid player is coming off the bench that's not a great sign for said player. It was probably a forgone conclusion Cunningham was going to be out unless he took a massive pay cut. Massive pay cuts are not something that happens very often without a disgruntled and pissed off player, certainly not with someone like Cunningham.

Compounding the problem was the loss of one of FCD's key striker depth players Atiba Harris. Harris had tried a few times to lock down the starting striker position without success. Instead he spent most of the season holding off Marvin Chavez at right mid. Something he managed until the final stretch run. Once Harris had lost out at both spots it wasn't a surprise he was exposed in the expansion draft.

With the loss of two boddies up top, even if both were mostly off the bench, FCD is in sore need of depth just to stand pat. Some depth could come from the young prospects in the squad. The lack of progression last season of Peri Marosevic and Jason Yeisley hurts a bit here. One factor we know very little about it new academy signing Jonathan Top. Late round draft picks Charlie Campbell and Paul Ogunyemi could also help in the depth area, as might Juco trialst Sheldon Palmer. Depth may be answered by pure numbers. Edit: I forgot about Andrew Wiedeman, another player who could add depth.

An answer that could be bigger than expected is Ruben Luna. Luna is one of the brightest prospects to come out of the FCD Academy system and will be getting substantial PT this year. Perhaps even pushing to start. But you can't assume Luna will become strong enough this season to answer all the questions. He will help solve the depth issue, but not the real underlying question. At least not yet I don't think.

So depth may be ok, but if FCD is going to take a step forward (and that's the goal isn't it?) then FCD needs to add a top flight goal scoring striker. Last season far to much scoring was forced to come from midfield. When FCD needed a goal, like in MLS Cup, their best shot came from advancing mids. That's not how you want to build a squad. Add a top line scorer and I think you can look at FCD with the best teams in MLS.

FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman and technical director Barry Gorman have both said FCD is looking for a striker of that quality. Hyndman, as usual, is showing patience, citing the willingness to wait till the second window if need be to make sure they get the right player with the right qualities. So FCD may go into the season with Rodriguez and Luna as the top two choices.

That might be all right, this league is about winning at the end anyway. I prefer to have the core team all year, but I'm not the coach. Hyndman seems well contend to operate this way, leaving a big piece of the puzzle to mid season. There is something to be said for being able to make adjustments with your mid season signing. I just hate seeing an incomplete team, and right now FCD is missing a big piece of the puzzle.

One really interesting development of the last week is the pressence of ex-Chivas USA striker and Cuban defector Maykel Galindo in camp. He's been hampered by injuries the last two yeas, notably hamstring problems, but when he is healthy Galindo is a lethal and ruthless goalscorer with a nose for goal and a mean streak. Blessed with some serious pace up top, he's the kind of high striker that could push the line and open massive space for the FCD penetrating mids like David Ferreira and Break Shea. The injuries are a big red flag, but the upside is massive here if Galindo can get it back on track.

So questions upon questions at forward. Will FCD sign a top flight name up top? In this window or the next? Is Ruben Luna perhaps the answer? Can Galindo resurrect this hamstring and career? A hidden gem in the large depth pool?

How those questions are answered could make or break the FCD season.

Schellas Hyndman to coach 2010 Generation adidas team

November, 27, 2010
FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman will be coaching the 2010 Generation adidas team as it heads to Europe. The team will be leaving on the 29th of November and returning December 9th. Matches have been arranged against the Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid reserve teams. The team will also get a chance to attend a Real Madrid match against Valencia and a Champions League game.

FC Dallas players Brek Shea, Peri Marosevic, and Andrew Wiedeman will be members of the squad. FCD goalkeeper coach Drew Keeshan is also going as are FCD Equipment Manager Marcus Owens and FCD Head Trainer Josh Watts.

Once he returns on the 9th, Hyndman will travel to California for the Men's College Cup at UC Santa Barbara.