Dallas Stars: Jamie Langebrunner

Jamie Langenbrunner update

June, 29, 2011
It appears Dallas Stars forward Jamie Langenbrunner will hit the free agent market on July 1, but that doesn’t mean re-signing with Dallas is out of the question.

Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk has had discussions with Langenbrunner and said he would he like to keep the 35-year-old right wing if the price is right.

Langenbrunner’s agent Steve Bartlett said it's likely his client will see what is out there when the market opens, but that doesn’t mean the Stars will be off the list.

“It looks likely that we will explore options on July 1, but Dallas is certainly one of those options,” Bartlett said in an email to ESPNDallas.com on Wednesday evening.

Langenbrunner, acquired from New Jersey in a trade in January, made $2.8 million last season.
Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk told ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun that he's still working on trying to trade Brad Richards' negotiating rights.

"We continue to chip away here," Nieuwendyk told ESPN.com. "Our intention is to move his rights and hope to do that prior to the draft here."

Of course, Richards would have to OK any trade and there is no indication that his point camp is falling over itself to do that.

Nieuwendyk also said he's interested also interested in re-signing Jamie Langenbrunner, if the price is right. Langenbrunner is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He made $2.8 million last season.

As free agency approaches, the Stars are going to have some money to spend. The salary cap for next season could be around $64 million, which means the floor will be around $48 million. Right now the Stars have more than $38 million committed to 17 likely roster players. That means they'll have to spend a little under $10 million just to get to the floor. It should be interesting.

LeBrun's update on Richards and Langenbrunner is here.

How Jamie Langenbrunner will help Stars

January, 25, 2011

ESPN NHL analyst Barry Melrose talks about the Stars' recent trade for Jamie Langenbrunner and how it will impact the team.

A fresh start for Jamie Langenbrunner

January, 9, 2011
A little more than 24 hours after being traded from the New Jersey Devils to the Dallas Stars, Jamie Langenbrunner was on the ice in Frisco for his first practice with the team.

"The atmosphere is great. I had a lot of fun just being on the ice and around these guys at the first practice, and I'm sure that will grow," Langenbrunner said after Saturday morning's practice in Frisco. "Not a lot of familiar faces in that locker room from when I was here last time, but some really good guys and I am enjoying myself."

Langenbrunner spent part of his day getting acclimated to how the Stars play, watching video and hitting the ice for a practice session.

"It a little different, but hockey is hockey," Langenbrunner said. "There's a little bit of an adjustment period, but I think I got a pretty good grasp of it today. They're being patient with me."

He practiced on line with Steve Ott and Adam Burish and that's where he'll probably play Sunday in Minnesota when he suits up for his first game in his second stint with the Stars.

"He'll probably start there but he does give us a lot of options," said Stars coach Marc Crawford. "We could move him to another line with his ability to play in all situations, power play situations and penalty kill situations. That will be a nice addition for us. He does give us tremendous versatility and having a right shot that's got some skill is nice."

Langenbrunner was traded to New Jersey in 2002. The only player still on the Dallas roster back in those days is Stars captain Brenden Morrow. But there are several people within the organization still around and Langenbrunner is familiar with the area, having spent six-and-half seasons in Dallas. Crawford believes that will be an advantage as Langenbrunner adjust to this trade.

"A big part of being traded -- and I was never traded but I've been fired a number of times -- is getting familiar with the town. You saw last night the response of the fans. That's genuine stuff. You can't make that stuff up," said Crawford. "He's familiar with the town, he's familiar with the building and he comes in here and sees people that have been around here a long time. That's a big part of it - he doesn't have that hurdle to get through. He still has the hurdles to get to know the players. I think the fact that he's got Brenden here is really reassuring to him."

Langenbrunner is looking at the trade as a fresh start after a rough first half of the season in New Jersey. The Devils, who have made the playoffs 13 straight seasons, are the worst team in the league with 22 points (10-29-2).

"Anytime you go through the struggles we were this year it's extremely hard," Langenbrunner said. "Being the captain there I am sure I put a lot more of it on myself than should be and maybe not. That's part of what being in that job is. It was difficult. It's a weight off my shoulders and it's a fresh start. I enjoyed my years there and I am looking forward to something new and a new opportunity."


*D Karlis Skrastins (head), D Matt Niskanen (hand) and F Toby Petersen (leg) are all out for Sunday's game.

*Stars coach Marc Crawford will reveal his starting goalie for the game in Minnesota on Sunday.


"That was pretty special. It's been a while since I played here, but the reception was fantastic."

Stars forward Jamie Langenbrunner on the ovation he received after being shown on the scoreboard watching Friday's Stars-Rangers game at American Airlines Center.

Video: Langenbrunner practices with Stars

Thoughts on Langenbrunner

January, 7, 2011
Here are some thoughts on today’ s trade, which brought Jamie Langenbrunner to the Dallas Stars from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a conditional 3rd round pick.

What the Stars get. A lot. They get a veteran forward who has won two Stanley Cups, can play up and down the lineup and on both sides of the special teams equation. One of those Stanley Cups was won in Dallas, so he knows the organization and the area. He’s a right shot, something the team could use. He can still pop in some goals, which a team can always use. He’s a good two-way player. He brings leadership. He was captain in New Jersey and captain of the USA Olympic team. He makes a strong set of forwards that much stronger. It makes the group deeper and even more balanced. Time will tell how he fits into the equation exactly, but trying to find where he fits should be a good task to have for the Stars coaching staff. Overall, a guy Langenbrunner would be a great add by a contending team at the trade deadline. The Stars did their deal a little early.

What they gave up. Not a lot. It’s a 3rd round pick with conditions. When you give up draft picks, miss the playoffs and get to the draft table with a low number of picks it can be frustrating. When you are sitting in first place in the division midway through the season then a draft pick is an asset you can use to bolster your team. And that’s what GM Joe Nieuwendyk has done. He’s used a draft pick to bolster the team. As for the conditions: If the Stars win a round of the playoffs or re-sign Langenbrunner prior to July 1, then that 3rd round pick in the 2011 NHL Draft will become a 2nd round pick. If the Stars sign Langenbrunner after July 1, the Stars would send their 2nd round pick to New Jersey for the Devils’ 3rd round pick. Anyway it goes, it’s not a lot to give up considering what comes in return.

What it means. While the Stars’ ownership issue is still unresolved, there is still resolve within the organization with backing from lenders and the league to keep the team moving forward, keep it competitive. The Stars recently signed Trevor Daley to an extension and now they’ve cut a deal to bring in Langenbrunner, who will cost the Stars $1.4 million or so the rest of the way. The Stars aren’t necessarily looking under office furniture for loose change to help fund things. There’s some backingto to keep this team right in the thick of things in the highly competitive Western Conference. And the acquisition of Langenbrunner is a sign that they are doing that. And it’s a big show of confidence in the Stars’ players and a compliment to what they’ve accomplished in the first half of the season.

What the future may hold for Langenbrunner. Possibly a stay in Dallas beyond this season. He’s an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season, but Nieuwendyk said Langenbrunner is a guy the team could be interested in keeping around.

“We’ve already started to do our homework on potential free agent lists and Jamie would be high on that list. There’s no question about that,” said Nieuwendyk. “If you look at our depth chart, the kids that we have coming at right wing – [Tomas] Vincour, Scott Glennie and Alex Chiasson – are realistically a couple years away. So, Jamie would be a good gap guy to bridge until those kids are ready. There’s definitely a possibility there.”

Langenbrunner said it was a little early to be talking contract stuff, but he sounded like re-signing in Dallas would be something he’d consider.
Here are some quotes from Jamie Langenbrunner, who is returning to the Dallas Stars after being acquired from New Jersey for a conditional third round draft pick this morning.

On coming to Dallas: “I am excited to come to back. Dallas gave me my start in the NHL and I have a lot of great memories of playing for that organization and in that city. I am excited about where that team is headed and excited to come be a part of it.”

On leaving New Jersey: “We had high expectations coming into this season, like we do every year, and obviously we have not lived up to that. It’s been a very difficult few months for all of us. It’s been home seven, eight years now for me. The organization has been great to me and given me lots of opportunities. I won a Stanley Cup with these guys here and I have a lot of great friends here, so it’s going to be hard leaving that. On the other hand, I see what Joe [Nieuwendyk] is doing down there in Dallas, the team he is building and it’s something that really excites me.”

On where he fits with the Stars: “I’ll learn more when I get there and speak to the coaching staff. I am going to come there and be who I am. I’ve always considered myself a leader in a certain way. They’re doing a lot of good things there and I am going to come in there and support what Brenden [Morrow’s] got going from a leadership standpoint. I am going to do what I can to play the game I know how to play. If that’s stepping in on the third line, fourth line, second line or whatever they need me to do. I have no issues. Obviously it’s a team that’s worked hard to put themselves in a good position and I just want to come in and support that.”

Quotable: Stars on Langenbrunner

January, 7, 2011
Here are a couple quotes from Dallas Stars players on the deal that brings forward Jamie Langenbrunner to the Dallas Stars.

Captain Brenden Morrow: "It’s good to be adding pieces to the puzzle rather than taking them away at this point of the season. It’s a good sign for us. Just knowing Jamie personally, I know what he brings to the team. We’re excited to have him come. Good leader, good work ethic. He plays in all situations. I am looking forward to him getting here."

Defenseman Stephane Robidas: "It says a lot. They signed Trevor [Daley] to an extension and now they go get a guy like that. I think it's big. It shows to us that it is up to us. The guys up there they can't do anything on the ice. They can help us as much as they can and that's what they are trying to do. The rest of the work is up to us, to do it on the ice. It's a real a positive sign."

Quotable: Crawford on Langenbrunner

January, 7, 2011
Here are some quotes from Dallas Stars coach Marc Crawford on the team's acquistion of Jamie Langenbrunner from New Jersey for a conditional third round pick.

Coach Marc Crawford: "It's terrific for our guys. We've played very well to this point in the season and I think our players will view it as we are viewing it - it's a great addition to our club that helps us. It makes us a better team. You've got a guy that is familiar with Dallas and familiar to a great many of our fanbase. On the other side he is a quality leader, a captain of not only of his own team but he was captain of the U.S. Olympic team last year. He's a guy with vast playoff experience. If you're talking about a shot in the arm, we've gotten a tremendous one here today and we couldn't be more pleased than to have Jamie Langenbrunner on board. We happen to have No. 15 open and it's great that it is. He'll be a wonderful addition to our club."

Crawford on where Langenbrunner fits: The fact that is a right shot, he will play on the right wing. As to where he is going to play, I would think he would probably start with [Steve] Ott and [Adam] Burish or Ott and [Tom] Wandell, something like that. As far as special teams, he's got the ability to kill penalties and he's got the ability to play on the power play. In the past he's played the point on the power play. Those are all areas that add to our depth."