Would you trade Marty Turco?

I ask because there's a report report from Tim Panaccio, who covers the Flyers, that Phildelphia has inquired about goalie Marty Turco. Of course, for any deal to happen, the Flyers would need to trade a player of similar cap hit to Turco ($5.7 million) because Philadelphia is up against the salary cap.

The Stars' biggest need is defenseman, so on the surface, this deal doesn't make much sense. But, as pointed out on Andrew's Stars Page, other outlets have said the Stars would consider some help at forward. I don't think this makes any sense. But it's fun to speculate.

So what if that forward was Jeff Carter? Again, that's speculation, but if you look at the roster, he might be a candidate. He's making $5 million this season and $5.5 million next season. And he's a restricted free agent the season after that. So you'd have him for three seasons at least. Carter is a right-handed shot and a center.

If the Stars make that deal, they would have too many centers and no No. 1 goalie. This is pure speculation, but they could then trade someone, say Mike Ribeiro, to get some goalie or defenseman help. They could also see if the Flyers would throw in Ray Emery, who is injured right now. The Stars could ride Alex Auld until Emery gets healthy.

I'm not sure if that makes the team better. But it does mean that they'd get some value for Turco before he becomes an unrestricted free agent after this season.

I fall on the side of this not making much sense unless the Stars have enough dominoes they are confident will fall. At this point, they're better off seeing if they can do something to get some blue line help. And I say that even though they've had scoring difficulties at times. It's a bunched up Western Conference and the Stars are still right there in the playoff mix. They'll need a solid goalie if they want to make a run and I still think that's Turco. But that's just me.

Your thoughts?