Gulutzan discusses Schenn's hit on Vincour

Here are Stars coach Glen Gulutzan’s thoughts on Toronto defenseman Luke Schenn's hit on Stars forward Tomas Vincour in last night’s game. Video of the hit is below.

“For sure the principal point of contact was the head. When you have a player that you’ve coached and you like, it kind of makes you mad and you think it’s dirty. But I think if I was watching it from as an old school hockey guy that’s been around I’d go, he didn’t get his elbow up, it was his shoulder that caught him in the head. It’s close. It’s close. It’s tough. I felt at the time that it could have warranted a penalty and in looking at it, I think it could have. It’s a tough one. I wouldn’t want to be Brendan Shanahan. They are tough issues.

"It’s just the way defensemen hit, they raise themselves. It’s just in the game. You feel bad for your player. I can see both sides of it. I can see both sides of an argument. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and the next time Fisty (Mark Fistric) catches somebody with a big one, I go, hey, that was clean. I can see both sides of the argument. Its’ a slippery slope. At the end of the day, he did get the head first. Maybe that’s where they’ll look at it. I don’t know.”