Blackhawks make it 2-0 through first

After one very ugly period for the Stars, the Blackhawks have a 2-0 lead.

Stars goalie Matt Climie had no chance on the Blackhawks' second goal of the night, which came with only 31.2 seconds left in the period.

Defenseman Brent Seabrook took a shot from the point, and it was deftly deflected by Colin Fraser just past Climie's leg pad.

Chicago has a whopping 15-5 shot advantage after a dominant first period. The Blackhawks are very sharp defensively -- they've really suffocated Dallas' forwards, forcing turnovers and turning them into Chicago scoring opportunities.

As I wrote earlier, the Stars just don't seem to have much enthusiasm tonight. It's the third-to-last game, they're out of the playoff hunt and they seem disinterested. Meanwhile, Chicago looks like the team that is gearing up for the playoffs and making a final run at the top seed in the Western Conference. Chicago has 105 points, compared to 107 for San Jose.