Quotable: Strong words from Gulutzan after Stars' loss

Here are some quotes from an unhappy Dallas Stars coach Glen Gulutzan following his team's 2-1 loss to Tampa Bay at American Airlines Center Friday night.

Stars coach Glen Gulutzan

“The most frustrating part was really the first 30 minutes of getting outworked. That’s always the most frustrating part. I’ve got no problem if you go in a shootout or you play hard and you just don’t get results. When you only play 30 minutes, some team comes into your building on a Friday night and outplays you for 30 minutes, I have a real big problem with that.”

“How do you deal with the problem? You have to make them aware that they are not good enough – with or without Jamie Benn and Mike Ribeiro in the lineup – to not be a hardworking team. That’s the message. They are just not good enough.”

“You have to work 60 minutes. We have to work 60 minutes every night with everyone in our lineup if we want to play in the playoffs. If we don’t, then we won’t play. That needs to be learned."

“There better be work ethic (Saturday against Minnesota). I’ll tell you what, Minnesota will be ready for us. They’ll be ready to work. We’ll go with eight guys if we have to in order to work. We need more. We need to be prepared.”

“The only reason you prepare against Detroit, Boston, St. Louis is because you’ve got a little fear in your belly that you might get embarrassed. So you work and do the little things. It’s a sign of weakness if you can’t bring that little fear and that adrenaline in your game every night. You just think you’re too good.”