Hicks says Stars sale process just starting

BOSTON -- Stars owner Tom Hicks was at Fenway Park on Wednesday and talked mainly about the Rangers' sale. You can read about that here.

He said the process to sell the Stars was just starting.

"We're working on it," Hicks said. "It's going to be done very quietly and learn some things from the Rangers process. We want to do it as efficiently as possible."

Hicks said the Rangers deal doesn't necessarily have to close before he can sell the Stars.

"I think it's the same people involved from a lenders' point of view, so at some point, they're going to look at both of them," Hicks said.

He didn't want to get into discussions of possible investors. But last week, we wrote that Stars center Mike Modano and former team president Jim Lites were involved in a group with investor Billy Quinn to buy the club.