Wings among teams interested in Modano

Mike Modano said he's fielded several calls during this first day of NHL free agency from interested teams, including the Detroit Red Wings.

"We'll see where things go," Modano said. "It's nice to be wanted and to get some calls. I'm going to see what all is out there and make a decision. I'm not in any rush."

Modano said the Detroit situation intrigues him, but he wants to find out more about it. He said they want to talk more at length with him soon.

Modano, 40, could appeal to teams looking for a veteran center, even on the third or fourth line, that can help on the power play. Detroit doesn't have a ton of room under the salary cap, but Modano could play with several different players depending on how the lines are structured and they stress puck possession and taking care of things on the defensive end, both of which Modano can certainly still do.

One other interesting note: The Stars' home opener next season is against Detroit on Oct. 14.

Of course, these are simpy conversations Modano is having with several teams today. He's the type of free agent that likely wouldn't sign until later in the process as teams fill out their rosters. And even then, he still has to decide if he wants to play or if he'd rather retire. So this is all very much in the air. But it's fun to discuss.