Quotable: Mike Modano on Marty Turco

During his news conference in Detroit today Mike Modano was asked if he had thought about facing Marty Turco, who has gone from teammate to big divisional rival after signing with the Chicago Blackhawks. Modano said the topic came up while he, Turco and others were golfing together this week in Scotland.

“A little bit. We just spent eight days in Scotland, so we went over that scenario a lot and even with [Brenden] Morrow and players I am still obviously going to be good friends with that are in Dallas. The times have changed and players move on, but I am always going to have some good friends down there. We’re always competitive in everything we do, even in golf over there as well. I’m glad for Marty. It was a little different scenario for him, where he was kind of shown the door and had to make a choice as well. I’m happy for him that he landed somewhere that needed him. We’ll see how it happens when we play.”