Nieuwendyk talks Turco, trades, etc.

Joe Nieuwendyk Talks Stars 2nd Half (2:38)

Stars GM, Joe Nieuwendyk, on what you can expect from the team once the NHL season restarts. (2:38)

Be sure and check out my Q&A with Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk (and the video has his prediction of who wins Olympic gold too!). He discusses a variety of topics. Here's a quick excerpt:

Q: Has Marty Turco's play in the last six games made it a tougher decision as to whether to trade him before the deadline?

A: I think it's a good problem to have, first of all. One thing I know now is that there will be teams calling, whereas before I wasn't sure there would be teams calling. They'll be calling now for Marty's services. I think that's a reflection of his play. We're getting consistent, solid goaltending right now.

Q: Talk about your goalie options.

A: There are options. I don't want to carry three goaltenders. I think that makes it difficult because there's a guy standing around who would rather be playing. That makes it challenging. My options are to move Marty Turco, keep Turco, move Alex Auld, keep Auld. What's best for our team? What gives us the best chance going forward in March and challenging for the playoffs? Those are questions we're asking.

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