Some thoughts on 1st period (1-0 Canada)

Canada leads it 1-0 and has outshot the U.S., 10-8. Some thoughts:

* Isn't it great to watch hockey without any commercials during the period? Not only is the game played faster, but it sure seems like the players can still get enough short breaks on icing and penalty calls, yet the flow isn't interrupted.

* That crowd seems loud even on TV. Lots of red and lots of exciting folks now that Canada is up, 1-0.

* I know that a lot is made of scoring the first goal, but I think it was very critical for Canada. The crowd is into the game and now you force the U.S. to answer. Canada is 4-0 in this Olympics when scoring first. That was a big one and it came off a mistake by the U.S.

* Good penalty kill for the Americans shortly after that first goal was scored. The U.S. will likely get a power play chance in this second period. We'll see if they can take advantage.

* Brenden Morrow got some power play time for Canada and he was in his customary spot -- right in front of the net. Morrow has played better and better throughout these Games. I can't wait to see how he does in March for the Stars.

* Ryan Miller and Roberto Luongo are into the game now. It's not going to be easy to score goals.