Quotable: Steve Ott on head shots in Tuesday's game

The Stars were not happy with some of the head shots they took in Tuesday's 6-3 loss to the San Jose Sharks. The most costly one appeared to be a Doug Murray hit that knocked Stars forward Loui Eriksson from the game.

Here's a quote from Stars forward Steve Ott on the subject following the game.

"Colin Campbell has his hands full that’s for sure. The Loui Eriksson hit, I think that is prototypical. He’s reaching for the hit. The big guy knows what he is doing. He’s bearing down and finishing the check. He did it again on [Tomas] Vincour and elbowed him right in the face. My head is killing me from the light right now from Dany Heatley’s little cheap shot. If this doesn’t get looked at, I don’t know. I guess when you’re used to being on the other end and being suspended like I have in the past, it’s pretty evident where this stuff should go in a hurry. I don’t care if Heatley makes $10 million or if Murray makes this, it’s time to get this out of the game as fast as we can and protect guys. We’ve got guys in there that are going to be icing heads. You only have one brain, so let’s honestly start figuring something out."