ICYMI: SweetSpot hits of the trade deadline


In this extra edition of the ESPN SweetSpot ICYMI post, our bloggers recap the trade deadline, discuss some of the players traded and in some cases, openly wonder why other transactions weren't made. Did your team do enough? Comment below or join the discussion with the author of each article on Twitter or on their webpage.

In Case You Missed It ...

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

Trade Deadline Notes: Even without a major move, the D-backs were very active leading up to the trade deadline. The ItZ team wrote notes about Cole Hamels, Aroldis Chapman, Carlos Carrasco and others on the trade season's final day. Twitter: @InsidetheZona

Atlanta Braves: Chop County

Braves trade Alex Wood and Jose Peraza to the Dodgers: In its riskiest move yet, Atlanta surprised everyone by trading Wood for a 30-year-old Cuban who has never played in the major leagues. Twitter: @gondeee

Baltimore Orioles: Camden Depot

So You're Saying There's A Chance?: Matt Perez takes an in-depth look at the Orioles' odds of overtaking the Yankees and Blue Jays in the American League East. Twitter: @camdendepot

Parra Is An Improvement, But To What End? Jon Shepherd breaks down the Orioles' trade for Gerardo Parra, noting that the deal will help, but probably not as much as many fans desired. Twitter: @camdendepot

Orioles Deal Tommy Hunter For Outfield Depth: By shipping Hunter to the Cubs, the Orioles saved enough money to pick up the rest of Parra's contract. Nate Delong notes that it is not a coincidence. Twitter: @oriolespg

Cleveland Indians: It's Pronounced Lajaway

Cellar-Dwelling Indians are Sellers: Vern Morrison examines the Indians' trades of David Murphy and Brandon Moss and also discusses the return Cleveland received from the Angels and Cardinals. Twitter: @VernMorrison

Addressing the Carlos Carrasco Rumors: Ryan McCrystal discusses Carrasco's value, and what it may take to pry him loose. Twitter: @TribeFanMcC

Colorado Rockies: Rockies Zingers

Looking Numerically at the Tulowitzki Trade: Harrison Williams assesses the surplus value of the Troy Tulowitzki trade to see if the Rockies got a good deal and discusses what could/should be done with Jose Reyes. Twitter: @HarrisonC_W_

3 Hours in Hell: The Tulo Saga: Marco Mamolen recaps how news of the Tulowitzki trade unfolded on Twitter as fans waited throughout the night for the news. He also notes the uncanny resemblance between ex-Rockie Tulowitzki and new Rockies rookie Jeff Hoffman. Twitter: @DrHekylR

Milwaukee Brewers: Disciples of Uecker

Brewers Headed in the Right Direction: Ryan Topp follows the busy Milwaukee deadline by arguing that the club's trades indicate that the organization is effectively restocking its minor league system. Specifically, Topp focuses on the advanced status of the prospects returned in trades, and also outlines the Brewers' magnificent pitching depth. Twitter: @rdtopp

New York Yankees: It's About The Money, Stupid

Against David Ortiz, Hall of Famer: EJ Fagan put Ortiz's numbers up against some close contemporary comparisons -- and broke down his career as a whole -- to show why the Red Sox slugger might not be the lock for the HOF that many believe he is. Twitter: @ejfagan

How About That Triple-A Bullpen Carousel: As the Yankees continue to thrive despite getting consistently inconsistent performances from their starters, Brad Vietrogoski looked at what the back end of the bullpen has done to help that cause -- and praised the franchise for how many Triple-A arms it has rotated in and out to keep everybody fresh. It may not be the flashiest use of prospects or organizational depth, but it has been effective. Twitter: @BradVietro

San Francisco Giants: West Coast Bias

Giants silent on deadline day: The Giants made a big move in acquiring Mike Leake. Connor Grossman takes a look at the roster implications of his addition and where the Giants could've done better at the deadline. Twitter: @connorgrossman

Tampa Bay Rays: The Process Report

Kiermaier's Diet Plan: Earlier this month, during a the radio broadcast, Dave Wills mentioned that a scout had told him before the game, “Kevin Kiermaier has enough pop to hurt himself at the plate.” The larger point was that a player who looks like someone who could thrive as a slash-and-dash player sometimes took swings at pitches with delusions of grandeur. That trait has been on display since the All-Star break, as teams are feeding Kiermaier a steady diet of pitches he is not digesting well. Twitter: @jasoncollette

Texas Rangers: One Strike Away

Report: Cole Hamels Makes Sense for the Rangers: Eric Reining looks at the eight-player blockbuster trade between the Rangers and the Phillies -- and specifically what Hamels brings to Texas. Twitter: @one_strike_away

Toronto Blue Jays: Blue Jays Plus

Why the Ben Revere Trade is So Bittersweet: It's hard to hate the Blue Jays trade for Revere, but Matt Gwin suggests that it's not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Twitter: @Matt_HBB


Milwaukee Brewers: Disciples of Uecker

Podcast #35: The Rebuild Starts Now

On the latest edition of the DoU Podcast, Vineet Barot hosts Ryan Topp to discuss the Brewers' deadline, outlook and more. Twitter: @vbarot87, @rdtopp