Ron Washington ready for more replay

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington said he won’t have a designated “replay coach” in 2014, but expects his entire staff to help him with replay challenges.

“It will fall on all of us,” Washington said. “The coaches that aren’t on the basepaths will have to be watching plays too, kind of like the coaches in the booth do in football. If I see something that I feel like I should go out there, I will. Everyone on the bench is yelling when they think something is wrong. If I feel like everyone saw the same thing I did, that will help.”

MLB owners approved replay for next season, but the details still must be worked out and it needs the approval of the MLB Players Association and the World Umpires Association. But it is likely increased replay is coming next season. And Washington is ready for it.

“It’s about getting the calls right,” Washington said Tuesday. “That’s the bottom line. When umpires make decisions, most of the time they get them right. This gives you a chance to argue some things that maybe the umpire saw differently from you.”

Washington has spent part of the offseason at his home in New Orleans. He hosted a golf tournament to benefit the Urban Youth Academy, which opened last November at Wesley Barrow Stadium, an area devastated by Katrina. The academy has helped 900 young players.

“MLB and the city got together and we’re a town without a MLB team and they put a baseball academy here and those kids needed that outlet,” Washington said. “Those that have skills have a place to hone it with good teachers. It’s a great thing.”