Byrd: I want to stay in Texas

Marlon Byrd has consistently said he wants to stay in Texas and continue his career as a Ranger. That hasn't changed now that free agency is upon us. I still think the odds aren't great that Byrd returns because he's likely to get a good multi-year offer on the open market that I'm not sure the Rangers can match. But we'll see. I talked to Byrd on Friday afternoon. Here are some of his thoughts:

Q: What's the latest in terms of negotations wih the Rangers? Do you still want to be here?

A: I know they've been in talks with the Rangers. But I'm hoping still, even though the open market has hit, that I can go back to the Rangers. I love it here. I've had a great time with the organization. I've seen them get better over the three years and seeing that team get to the playoffs would be wonderful. They gave me that second chance to make my name in baseball."

Q: What kind of contract do you want?

A: The main thing is I don't want a one-year deal. Two years at the right numbr is something I'd consider, and the same with three. The length of the deal doesn't really matter to me. It's security and being locked in for a couple of years that would be nice. When you hit free agency, that's what you get to look forward to.

Q: Is it weird to not know where you might be playing next year?

A: It's very weird. The past couple of years, I knew in February that I was going to Surprise and that I'd be in Arlington. Now it's unknown. You want to land in the right spot. I know the grass isn't always greener on the other side when you leave an organization. When you like it somewhere, like we do in Texas, it's nerve wracking to think about going to another team.

Q: Are you working out now in preparation for 2010?

A: I kept lifting right after the season. I normally take two or three weeks off, but I felt good after last season. I had surgery [after 2008] and rehabbed right after the season. I thought I'd keep with that schedule this offseason. I'll start hitting Dec. 1 and probably start tossing the ball Dec. 15.