Rangers chat: Q&A with Taylor Teagarden

January, 29, 2010
ARLINGTON -- We continue our Q&A series with catcher Taylor Teagarden. In case you missed it, click here for our conversation with Derek Holland and here for a chat with Tommy Hunter. These aren't long as the guys answered a few quick questions. Here goes:

Q: Taylor, talk about your offseason and what you've been doing?

A: I was in the Fall League, I took a couple of weeks off, then trained down in Austin. I've been using the facilities at UT and been hitting the last month about four or five days a week to make sure I get my swing back to where I want it going into spring training. I want to be ready Day One and healthy. I've worked on my hips and shoulders, to make sure I'm as flexible and strong as I can be. I know how my body felt at the end of last season and I know how it needs to feel and I want to be sure I'm prepared for spring training.

Q: Talk about your swing. What have you talked to hitting coach Clint Hurdle about?

A: This is the first week I've really been hands on with Clint. I worked on my swing with a couple of guys. I'm trying to stay through the ball. I pulled off a lot of balls last year and that led to a lot of strikeouts and roll overs. I'm trying to be more linear with my bat path and I think it's going to help clean a lot of things up. Most importantly, it should cut down on strikeouts and lead me to putting the ball on the barrel more.

Q: Talk about your role and how you see where you fit in after last season.

A: This team has a got a chance to do a really great thing in the West this year. We're building off what we did last year and I just want to be a part of that puzzle, a piece of that puzzle that will help get us there. I'm ready to do whatever Wash asks of me. There are a lot of things that I need to build off of last year. There were a lot of parts of my game that need improvement, not just on the field, but leadership skills and things like that. I feel like I can help the team in that regard. We have a lot of young players that are going the right direction. We lost a lot of veterans last year and it's time for a lot of guys to step up and take on new roles. I think a lot of us are ready to do that and get this team going on the right path.



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