Berry's fantasy players he 'loves'

ESPN.com's Matthew Berry puts together his love/hate list every year when it comes to fantasy baseball. These are based on players he loves in terms of the kind of value you might be able to get for them. We'll look at who he hates that are Rangers related on Friday. But today, it's about who he loves. Among the Rangers:

Vladimir Guerrero, Julio Borbon and Chris Davis: They're kind of like the Kardashians, you know? Flawed, no doubt, but, late at night (or in the draft), they can be useful. I'm speaking about late-night TV entertainment, of course. And about looking past your biases. Like Kim, Vlad's the big name, but you have to forget that he's "Vladimir Guerrero." He's no longer that elite stud. But in that ballpark, being the full-time DH, he still has the skills to hit 20-plus homers with a high average. As our draft kit notes, Davis is still just 24, is a career .306 hitter in the minors and hit .308 with six home runs in 133 at-bats after coming back from the minors last season. Kind of like how Kourtney has come back even more of a star after her pregnancy. And Borbon is Khloe, the least-known, but after appearances on "Celebrity Apprentice," a marriage to a Laker and a rookie season in which he stole 19 bases (and hit .312) in just 157 at bats, they have the most upside. Trust me, I know flawed-with-potential when I see it. I just spent almost 200 words comparing baseball players to reality TV/sex tape stars. It didn't totally work, but it was enough to get us to Rich Harden.

Rich Harden: See accomplice Bedard, Erik.

Neftali Feliz: As of this writing, I don't know what his role is going to be. And you know what else? I don't care.