Arias, German getting some extra work

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Morning in Surprise means work time for the Rangers' infielders. Infield coach Dave Anderson and manager Ron Washington oversee practice, which includes details on making routine plays, solid throws and working on footwork.

It's an important time for the internal utility infield candidates. Esteban German and Joaquin Arias have spent plenty of time taking ground balls and trying to get better.

Washington had praise for Arias, who is progressing this spring and been working hard to improve.

"His game has been really coming together because he's playing more," Washington said. "We just have to get him more innings. I'd like to see him make more of the lengthy throws and plays in the hole."

The ability to play shortstop is important in the utility battle and Arias can play short. German is still working on it. Washington has paid special attention to German the past few days "on some things we're trying to clear up."

Washington said that was mainly waiting longer to make a play on the ball. Too often German thinks he knows where the ball will be and it alters direction slightly to impact his ability to catch it.

"He has to stay with the ball until is settles in his glove," Washington said.

Arias and German are both in the lineup today, with Arias at shorstop and German at second. Matt Brown, also in the running for a final roster spot, is at third base and Washington was working with him on Saturday morning.