How many Rangers are team HOF material?

ARLINGTON, Texas – Nolan Ryan is not one to shy away from bold predictions. For example, he’s sticking with his forecast of 92 wins for the Texas Rangers this season.

So, while Ryan stood in the team’s Hall of Fame exhibit during the grand opening of the two-story facility, it made sense to ask him how many current Rangers he expected to join him in the shrine for the organization’s greats.

“You could look at our starting lineup and say they all have the potential,” Ryan said while looking around the 13,000-square-foot facilities located behind the Home Run Porch and full of plaques and artifacts.

Michael Young is already a lock, according to Ryan. If Ian Kinsler can stay healthy, Ryan believes he’s also on the road to the Rangers Hall of Fame.

As for the rest of the Rangers, Ryan declined to speculate about specific players. He said it’s too tough to predict because it depends so heavily on how many seasons they play in Texas.

Not that anyone asked me, but I’d put a bet down on Elvis Andrus.