Daniels staying patient with offense

NEW YORK -- General manager Jon Daniels touched on a few topics after Saturday's game. He acknowledged some early struggles from hitters like Julio Borbon (3-for-36), Taylor Teagarden (0-for-18) and Chris Davis against lefties (1-for-11), but talked about staying patient with the young players.

"Each situation is different," Daniels said. "I think there are some that the coaching staff can address and you start to see some adjustments and improvement and you ride it out. If you get to a point where you're not seeing that, you have to consider other options. But we're 11 games into the season. We're in April. Obviously, things need to get better. Again, we're 11 games in. We're not going to overreact to anything, but obviously there are areas where we need to see improvement."

Daniels said the club wants to see consistency from Jarrod Saltalamacchia in terms of staying healthy before they insert him back in the lineup. So he has to play in a handful of games during the rehab assignment next week and show that he's good to go. He's scheduled to join Triple-A Oklahoma City on Sunday or Monday and then get in some games in the middle of the week.

"You don't want to get in a situation where you bring somebody back and you end up back in the same situation again," Daniels said. "We have to see that his issue is clearly in the rear view mirror."

Ian Kinsler continues to make progress, but still isn't quite " over the hump," as he called it. Daniels said the club is monitoring Kinsler carefully.

"It sounds like he's made a lot of progress, he just hasn't gotten over that last hurdle to where he can really let it go," Daniels said. "He's pushing it. They're treating it aggressively. It's just something you can't force. They'll keep ramping him up and hopefully he'll be ready to go."

Daniels said the club hasn't put a date on a possible return because "we'd have to keep revising that date by now."