Clubhouse notes: Kinsler closer to return?

BOSTON -- It sure looks like Ian Kinsler is getting closer to heading off on a rehab assignment, the final hurdle before he can return to the lineup.

Kinsler had an extensive workout on Tuesday, fielding ground balls, spinning and turning double plays and running around. He was watched by manager Ron Washington, trainer Jose Vazquez and general manager Jon Daniels.

"He looked real good today," Washington said. "He did everything on the infield -- turned double plays, did backhands, went to the hole and had to spin and throw and turn and throw. He ran some sprints around the outside of the infield. His rhythm looked real good. But until we can get him to do explosive running, we don't know."

Kinsler, BTW, wasn't supposed to do explosive running on Tuesday. So he did everything that was planned.

“I’ve done a lot more today than I’ve done any other day,” Kinsler said. “I feel fine. I think it’s just that I have to build some strength back up [in the ankle and legs] and I’d prefer to do that on the field.”

Washington said Kinsler would be back on the field tomorrow if he recovers well.

Kinsler said he felt good and doesn't want to wait around before heading out on a rehab assignment. He'd like to go to Arizona to work out, noting that he can get more at-bats and monitor himself better before heading off to Triple-A Oklahoma City or Double-A Frisco for a few games after that. Of course, it's not just up to Kinsler. The team will talk with him and figure out the best course of action. But that seems the likely scenario.

If he goes out this weekend for a rehab assignment, Kinsler would likely return at some point during the team's next road trip, which starts April 30.

Other notes:

* Washington said he's playing Matt Treanor because he feels good about Treanor going against knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. Washington wouldn't say that Treanor was going to play more, but when asked if Taylor Teagarden would start on Wednesday, Washington said he wasn't sure. So we'll see on that. Treanor is 5-for-15 to start the season and Teagarden is 0-for-18 with 13 strikeouts and three walks.

"I don't feel like my role has changed, I'm just here to contribute to the club when I get a chance to play," Treanor said. "Right now I'm being called upon to get behind the plate and play."

Treanor said he doesn't surf the web much, but did notice the standings today and that the Rangers were last in the AL West. He plans on helping change that starting this week in Boston.

* SS Elvis Andrus is leading off and Julio Borbon is ninth. Washington hopes this takes some pressure of Borbon.

"I'm second leadoff," Borbon said. "Once I get out there, I want to find a way to get on. I want to do whatever I can to help the team, just keep swinging it.

Borbon said it wasn't pressure in that he's been leading off for much of his career.

"It's going to be different for me waiting that long to get out there," Borbon said. "The mindset is the same. You're hitting approach is the same. I haven't felt like there's been pressure, I just haven't been able to do things. I don't know if I've tried to do too much, but if I have, I haven't been seeing it or I don't feel that when I'm out there hitting."